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Sparkle the Sea by Óner Agency

Fansy, founded by designer Virginia Saiach, is an Argentine brand that draws inspiration from goddesses and fairies, crafting captivating pieces that emphasize beauty and radiance. 

The Goddess Sea Collection, unveiled at NYFW, reflects the upcoming trend with its magical, sea-inspired pieces, empowering wearers to shine.

The campaign is produced by Óner Creative Agency, headquartered in the vibrant heart of New York.

Óner Agency has established a reputation for its ability to weave narratives that resonate deeply with audiences, infusing every project with a unique and captivating flair.

Producer: Óner Agency

Wardrobe Stylist: Julia Baratova

Model: Alisa Obrivanova

Photographer: Aidos Satbek 

Photographer: James Lynch


Total Look: Fansy by Virginia Saiach @fansyxvs