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Stack your Beauty right with Subtl Beauty

Welcome to one of the most amazing beauty brands on the market today. It has the most efficient and functionable design you will ever need in a beauty product; we’re talking about the Subtl Stak 2.0. Our team had the opportunity to try the entire ‘stak’ and we are in love. Everything is spot on, from highlighter, to concealer, bronzer, lip & cheek, blush, eyeshadow, shine control; they all are perfect, and we are raving about them. The best part of it all is you can stack them together to make one container. This is a must have for the minimalist woman and those on the go. The packaging is amazing, and once you ‘stak’, put it in their ‘Subtl’ pouch, drop it in your back and you’re good to go.

For those seeking a fully customized makeup experience Subtl Beauty allows customers to Build a Custom Stack by mixing & matching any of the below items:

Subtl Beauty has worked diligently, embracing customer feedback to perfect every formula, and underwent a meticulous reformulation of their makeup formulas to meet clean beauty standards while maintaining the quality of their color selections. New products include skin conditioning with ingredients like Bayberry Fruit Wax and Vitamin E, sheer and forgivable applications, and pigment load adjustments for buildable results. All products within the Stack 2.0 line are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free formulas.

You can shop at https://subtlbeauty.com/ and find them on Instagram @subtlbeauty