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Johanne Brierre: Cultivating opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs

Johanne the visionary force behind and visionary force behind NYbeautysuties, epitomizes entrepreneurs as a means for economic development. Her commitment to supporting small business owners goes beyond achieving professional success. I take pride in celebrating a commitment to personal growth and community empowerment, ” Johanne states. ” Whether it’s exploring new destinations, spending time with families or supporting local business, these endeavors enrich my journey and contribute to a more fulfilling life.”

Through her involvement in the Common Ground Marketplace, Johanne aims to foster strong and equable communities.  “We believe in uplifting entrepreneurs and creating a diverse business ecosystem,” Johanne emphasizes. By Allocating resources and capital, we can support long-term growth for these businesses to achieve more than individual endeavors while making a positive impact in their communities

What motivated you to focus on supporting beauty and wellness professionals, leading to the creation of NYBeautySuites during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic?

I started NYBeautysuites with the motivation to address the challenges faced by many licensed small beauty and wellness entrepreneurs in finding flexible workspaces within their neighborhoods that are convenient for them and their clients during the unprecedented ties of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing that the beauty industry was among the hardest-hit sectors, particularly affecting minority women and that many professionals were deemed non-essential workers and faced sudden unemployment, we identified a present need for support. As entrepreneurs committed to problem-solving, it became apparent that there was a significant gap in solutions for small business beauty owners grappling with the consequences of the pandemic. The idea for NYbeautysuites emerged as a response to this critical issue, aiming to provide a lifeline for these business owners who were struggling in my community to navigate the challenging times. Our goal was to create a safe space that not only addressed the immediate economic impact but also offered a sustainable solution for the long term. By establishing NYbeautysuites, we sought to provide a supportive environment and community where beauty professionals could continue their practices, maintain their livelihoods, and rebuild their businesses in the face of adversity. With our members, we aimed to empower the next generation of professionals to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic, fostering a sense of community and stability in an otherwise uncertain landscape. 

Outside of your professional success, what is something about yourself that you celebrate?

Beyond my professional achievements, I take great pride in celebrating my commitment to personal growth and well-being. My love for travel and culture has been a constant source of inspiration, allowing me to broaden my perspectives and embrace diversity. Additionally, my passion for small business and unwavering commitment to giving back to my community are integral aspects of my identity. These endeavors not only enrich my personal experiences but also contribute to a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Where exploring new Caribbean designations, supporting local businesses, or actively engaging in small business initiatives, these pursuits add depth and meaning to my journey, complementing the success achieved in the professional realm 

What prevailing challenges do entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness industry face in the post-pandemic landscape, and what factors do you believe are contributing to these difficulties?

In the post-pandemic landscape, entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness industry are facing multiple challenges. Financial strain and limited access to capital remain significant hurdles, intensified by disrupted cash flows, and decreased consumer spending. Inflation adds a layer of complexity, impacting operational costs and contributing to the financial starting experienced by entrepreneurs. Storefront rent increases further exacerbate financial pressure, making it challenging for beauty business owners to sustain brick-and-mortar establishments. This, coupled with the uncertainties of consumer spending, poses a dual challenge – balancing rising operations costs uncertainty, shifting consumer preferences, and the need to adapt to new norms in a dynamic market add to the complexity. Recruiting and retaining skilled staff, compliance with the health standards navigating global supply chain disruptions that impact inventory, and meeting evolving client expectations adds a layer of complexity. Addressing these difficulties requires a comprehensive approach that includes financial support, technology innovation, adaptability, and community engagement. With the right resources, these entrepreneurs can position themselves for resilience and sustained success in the evolving post-pandemic landscape.

Your commitment to supporting small business women and entrepreneurs has earned you various accolades. How do you envision your role in fostering strong and equitable communities, and what advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make a positive impact in their communities? 

Thank you for acknowledging our commitment to supporting small businesses, women, and entrepreneurs. At NYbeautysuites, we believe that fostering strong and equitable communities is not just a responsibility but a core part of our mission. We envision our role as catalysts for positive change, working towards creating an environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. We believe that by uplifting these entrepreneurs, we contribute to building a more diverse business ecosystem. To aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make a positive impact in their communities, my advice is rooted in three key principles: 1. Continuous learning. I’m a true believer that staying curious and open to new ideas is essential to both personal and business growth, 2. Collaboration, Prioritize collaboration over competition, through collective efforts, we can achieve more than individual endeavors. 3. Mentorship, seek guidance from experienced individuals who are successful in your field which contributes to the overall success of both individuals and the community. By incorporating these principles, entrepreneurs can build successful ventures while serving as catalysts for positive change and fostering mentorship within their communities.