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STUDS are back!

The Holiday Season is upon us! Throughout this festive time we will be gifting you the scoop on some of the best deals and products available that you will love.

Studs are back in the forefront and we couldn’t be happier. Time to live our best lives again! We rounded up some studded items that’ll make every chic all-black ensemble a little more hard-core and all for under $250. These on fire items are perfect for the fashionista in your life without breaking the bank this holiday season.

The It’s Raining Chain bag ($248) is the perfect going out bag (and a major glow-up from the super convenient Coach wristlets we all had in middle school); the Studded Grin belt ($88) will make any jeans-turtleneck look a lewk at an amazing price point for genuine leather; the Studded Hippie Hobo is perfect bag to accompany a cut-offs and band-tee outfit; and the Loop De Loop bag ($108) is basically this, but less furry and more edgy.

Left to Right:

Raining Chain Belt: $248

Studded Grin Belt: $88

Studded Hippie Hobo: $88

Loop De Loop: $108

All available on Agabhumi.com

Contributed by Dara Kaplan