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Vanessa Simmons on her new film DEADLY ENTANGLEMENT & her top Beauty & Skincare Tips

Whenever I hear the name Vanessa Simmons, the first thing that comes to mind is the iconic reality series, RUN’S HOUSE on MTV which chronicled the lives of the Simmons family. Vanessa grew up Infront of our eyes, starring in different shows.

“I started off on Run’s House and I feel like everyone got a chance to really see me and my siblings growing up. That’s where I first expressed to my viewers that I wanted to be an actress and it has been my journey since then.” She says.  

Vanessa’s first role was on a show called Guiding Light, which is a soap opera; she is a main cast member on WETV’s GROWING UP HIP HOP and has appeared on BET’s GAMES PEOPLE PLAY and UMC’s MONOGAMY.

Vanessa’s newest acting project is her recent roll in the film Deadly Entanglement which is now streaming on Bet+.

“If I could sum it up, the plot of the film without giving away too many spoilers, is about a rising R&B star plated by myself ‘Tami’, she marries a super successful music producer and we start to raise his son”, she continued, “It’s a magical and amazing fantasy world, and my career is rising. His ex-wife come back into the picture, and she is beginning to reclaim what she says is hers…”.

The film is a thriller, be sure to check it out now on BET +.

 Vanessa is a hardworking and dedicated Entrepreneur, she started a sneaker brand called Pastry with her sister Angela years ago, she also has a venture in the beauty and wellness industry called U4IA. She explained.

“During the pandemic we were all locked down and we were kind of fearful, we didn’t know what was next. Our health was the front line and we wanted to remain as healthy as possible. I started to do a lot of research on things that I could be doing in my spare time and just in my life to have a better quality of life.”

Vanessa has lived the motto and message of her brand, “I think first and foremost, before anything else, we should make sure that our health is in alignment, mind, body and soul. And so that is my goal with U4IA, just to be a source of inspiration, a source of information, bringing in all the experts that I know and experts that I find along my journey and sharing with everybody.”

Vanessa has one strong message for us, “we want to change what’s going on in the inside so that we radiate beauty on the outside. And with the summer months right here in front of us, I think the most important thing to know is for us to by hydrated completely.”

Watch the full interview on YouTube, as Vanessa shares her beauty tips and tricks for the summer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDeVuFL0qQE