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Yulia Hayek – a successful style blog despite stereotypes

Popular American fashion influencer Yulia Hayek has been encouraging subscribers for years with bold fashion outfit ideas, training programs on color combinations in clothing, and simply helping to develop the sense of style in the outfits. While leading her project, she has created a number of star-like outfits and helped thousands of girls around the world to finally find satisfaction with their own personal style. And it’s all not only about the professionalism of the stylist, but also a special charm in communication with subscribers helping to find the way to every heart and transform even the most neglected wardrobe. On the eve of preparations for New York Fashion Week, fashion gloss the Elements decided to share the rules of a popular fashion blog following an example of a girl who is a self-made person – Yulia Hayek. After all, the top influencer’s blog will open any doors for you in the world of fashion, will help you get to the forefront of top fashion shows.

Forget about the strategy, think about what you can share people with

It is not necessary to have a well-thought-out business strategy for your blog to be in trend. Many talented people come to a halt at this stage, without coming up with an ideal strategy, and fall behind.

Yulia Hayek had just maintained her Instagram account, she used to be an incredibly talented stylist in Ukraine, and after moving to the United States she continued to share the rules of good wardrobe habits. Having participated in certain training courses, she used to share with subscribers how to collect a capsule wardrobe, choose color schemes. Many used to shower her with questions in direct messages about what is better to match with a shirt or jeans, as well as with trousers of a non-standard style or color. In such a way simple communication with people has grown into a popular fashion blog. At first, her account grew organically, and when it reached several thousand subscribers, she had even more motivation to invest in it and develop.

 Remember, contents must be unique

 The surest way to reach out to the audience is to share not just knowledge, but to choose only those ideas that resonate with you. After all, your personal opinion is what interests your subscribers the most.

After starting the blog, Yulia began to add unique content that no one had done before. More often it was a sincere deep opinion about new fashion items and outfits. Subscribers wrote her words of gratitude and said that her posts helped them a lot.

The main idea of the girl’s blog is to show that everyone can be wildly stylish under any circumstances, even when picking up a salad in a supermarket or a Christmas tree. After all, most bloggers only show how to be stylish on the red carpet. Your image is exactly what people remember the most, they may not remember the conversation. And since it has been proven that beautifully dressed individuals are more successful, Yulia helps subscribers to become in demand in their careers and personal life thanks to a correct mix and match in clothes.

Now Yulia, with plenty to spare, shares knowledge – she has created her own course “Level up your style.” Now more than 2,000 people have completed it.


Dreams never work unless you act

 Forget about ineffective marathons of desires, it’s time to work on your dreams. It was with such a message that Yulia’s post got a huge number of likes on Instagram. The girl repeatedly confirms this idea by constantly working on outfits, and when creating rating capsule collections.

It is clear from her story that she never took the usual path. And only long and painstaking efforts helped to achieve the set goals. Hours of team preparation and work are behind each inspiring shot, and memorable reviews of fashion shows require a number of sleepless nights. And only people not having experienced that consider the work of an influencer an easy walk.

Special attention is paid to attracting advertisers and working with them. Each advertising campaign is worked out carefully with individual approach, not forgetting about the final idea for the consumer.


Never miss landmark events

A top influencer just has to have a calendar of major events to attend. This is both relevant content for subscribers and the possibility of audience intersections. People should see you not only on Instagram but also offline on the red carpet. By the way, it is there that you can get acquainted with both future advertisers and other bloggers. So for NYFW, Yulia picked up a look with trendy boots and an elegant fringed dress – and she did the right thing! After all, such an outfit simply attracts the attention of others. At the event, you need to be in the limelight.

The periods of fashion weeks are the hottest on schedule of Yulia as a popular influencer. She is often invited to fashion shows by designers and producers as a participant in the show, as a model, and as a fashion blogger to write reviews and her impressions of a particular collection. Within the framework of fashion weeks, the most intense periods are September-October (spring-summer season), and February-March (where fashion designers display fall-winter latest collections as the fashion world prepares in advance in order to have time to convey to the society all the trendy outfits). There are also demi-season weeks – shows of cruise collections or summer fashion weeks, one of the most popular is Miami Swim Week, to which Yulia recommends choosing trendy swimwear, because Miami is the world capital of the most stylish beaches.

As the girl says in her blog, the most important thing during fashion weeks is to understand which designers you would like to visit and in which country. Of those that I personally prefer, these are Fashion Weeks in New York (to be held in February), Los Angeles (in March) and Arab Fashion Week (in Abu Dhabi in April). In my opinion, it is these fashion weeks that are the most progressive in the context of trends, and you will see the rest on the shelves in boutiques of world brands. She is planing to visit them this year, especially looking forward to the shows of Dior and Balenciaga, because these are the blogger’s favorite brands.

Personality is the word you should put next to the “trend”

Yulia often mentions in her blog – that every person is a personality – and one should not drown out the uniqueness of his/her appearance and charisma by pursuing fashion trends. Those can be skillfully combined, emphasizing their peculiarity, but never putting in the first place. After all, style is what will always accompany you, while fashion and trends are so fleeting.

Many subscribers note that no matter how fast the looks of Julia change, she always has very stylish shoes, unusual hats and glasses (no matter wherever she goes). So it can be easily recognized by her personal style among the variety of bloggers. And it suits her madly.

We wish Yulia new blog ideas, interesting collaborations and projects, because what she creates is truly unique.

Instagram: @yulia_hayek