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Simonetta Lein – Taking a bigger step in 2022


Happy New Year, how has the new year been treating you? Thank you. Happy new year to all. I am very exited about 2022. I feel it will be a very transformative year for all of us. Buckle up for the ride. 

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? If it’s something you are into, what are your resolutions for this year? I usually don’t. I have a sense of duty that my parents taught me that pushes me to better myself. If I can look back and see the improvement and change I am going in the right direction.

How would you sum up your year of 2021 in relation to fashion and modeling? It was incredible. Despite all the odds 2021 has been my best year yet. 

What would you say was your best moment of 2021? The start of season 4 of The Simonetta Lein Show with Blac Chyna, and then Tom Arnold with almost 30 M views. I still can’t believe it. As well being named number 1 short form TV show in the world and beating Paris Hilton for ratings. What a year! 

Your show is doing pretty great at the moment, what influenced you to start that show? The very start happened in January 2020 when I was asked by a production company in Times Square to start my show. From there it became bigger and better. My guests open up to me and that makes the show so incredible as I have the honor to be able to truly inspire my audience. 

Who would you say are your top 5 guests of all time that you’ve interviewed so far? Bob Saget – RIP, he was the kindest with me, I am so sad for his passing. Blac Chyna, Tom Arnold, Tech 9, Steve-O

It is very difficult for me to choose though, as I have so many icons so you should go and watch all the episodes. I just love my guests so much. 

To Connect our previous question, who are the top 5 people you are hoping to work with? Nicki Minaj, Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry, Britney Spears, Kanye West. All of them are incredibly inspiring and would love to pick their brains.

Tell us about your experience with talking with Bob Saget on yours and his show, as I am a huge fan of his, (may his soul rest in peace). I can’t cope with it, I spoke with him in November as he donated again to my non for profit. He was so generous towards me, The Simonetta Lein Show and The Wishwall Foundation. He was always down to help. He opened up my second season and he was in his trailer shooting a movie. It was a secret what he was filming. Hopefully they will release it. As well I just re listened to the interview I did for his show and the things he said about me and my show made me cry so much. He was freaking Bob Saget and yet he was so generous in compliments and kindness. I hope they will find out the true cause of his passing, his family and fans deserves to know. I love Bob. 

What’s the main projects you have lined up for the coming months or this year that you think will be pivotal in your ongoing career? We are continuing season 4 and will start season 5 of The Simonetta Lein Show. It will be pivotal as we grow more and more and I do expect incredible partnerships happening. I am also working on some product launches, maybe a clothing line? Will see. 

Its great having you again gracing our magazine, tell us about your experience on the photoshoot. Thank you so much. Beautiful photoshoot as despite everything my team always comes together to make magic happen.