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oksana kukalova – 2023’s most successful ukrainian busines woman in the usa!

Hi, Oksana, it’s our pleasure having you as our cover model, can you tell us a little bit about your background? Where did you grow up? My name is Oksana Kukalova. I am Ukrainian, from the picturesque town of Chernivtsi. All my life I was interested in cosmetology, I still remember how I tested various products on myself. since childhood I liked to study languages, so I graduated from university with a degree in English translation. I have been in America for about 10 years, here I needed my knowledge of the language. in America, I decided to go to study more, because the industry of beauty, cosmetics, the desire to always look beautiful never left me, so I graduated as a cosmetologist in America. it was in the state of Illinois that I opened a beauty salon “Proesthetician”. I also graduated from DMK school, and I am a certified DMK specialist. I am proud also that we are a certified Biologique Recherche spa.

What sparked your interest in Beauty that made you decide you wanted to be in this field? Already in adulthood I suffered from constant acne on my skin. I wanted to buy it and bought hundreds of jars with the hope that they would help me. But unfortunately, I didn’t know anything about skin. Skin is the largest organ of the body. therefore, I began to study the ingredients found in cosmetics. There are comedogenic ingredients that cause acne. That’s why I really wanted to know more about the skin, and the products, how and what works on the skin.

As an expert in the industry, how would you define BEAUTY? Beauty is in each of us, we just need to be able to adjust it. if you take care of your skin correctly, listen to the experts on what is right for you, your skin will be better. and when we like the reflection in the mirror, we become more confident. beauty is clear and healthy skin.

As a Beauty expert what are some of the big mistakes people make in their beauty habits? People would not make mistakes in their home care routine if they knew what was right for their skin. that’s why a professional examination by a specialist will tell you more about your skin. mistakes are different, for example, to believe that oily skin does not need care because it is already oily and does not need moisturizing. but this is a mistake, everyone needs care. another of the most common mistakes is to use the same towel or not to change the pillowcases. there are many mistakes. also not knowing what can be applied with what, very often people apply retinol with vitamin c and get an undesirable reaction. it is during the examination that we analyze what exactly suits you and in what order it is applied.

What are 5 tips you would share to help women level up their beauty routine? 1. constantly monitor the hygiene of hands, towels, pillowcases, and cosmetics, and all brushes they should always be clean. 2. never forget to apply sun protection, whether it is winter or summer, sun or rain, sun protection should always be there. 3. do not forget that proper cleansing of the skin is the basis of clean skin, and proper moisturizing is the nourishment of the skin and working with various features.  4. various assets on the recommendation of a specialist, which are exactly what you need, they can be acids, Retinol, or other active ingredients. 5. never bypass the neck, décolletage, and hands, you will thank me with age.

As the owner of the Proesthetician Brand, tell us about your brand what the brand provides for its clients. Proesthetician is only high-quality professional cosmetics, effective procedures, impeccable service. we are interested in your skin being healthy. I really love my job, and only such specialists work at Proesthetician. We have two cosmetologists, a lash maker, and a makeup artist.

As a successful Businesswoman, Mother and Wife; how do you balance personal and professional life and make it all come together? I have great family support; they know that I really love what I do. my daughter is also interested in how to run a business, so she gladly participates in my creative projects. I really like the phrase “you always have time for what you love”.

What would you say is your most successful and fulfilling project so far. The “your skin” project, where we teach people how to properly care for their skin, how to properly apply masks, creams, serums, what is not compatible, and what you can mix. We are also proud to be the official Biologique Recherche French cosmetics clinic, which has been used by people all over the world for more than 40 years.

 “The Most Successful Ukrainian Businesswoman in the USA 2023 by Cosmo Lady Awards”, that is huge!! What does it mean to you and how has it changed your life? It’s nice for me, of course, but I’m just doing what I love, that’s why I get such good results. when your work is like your hobby for you, when you go to work on Sunday with pleasure, and you know that you are making someone’s life better, what could be better?

What are 3 things clients and fans say to you the moment they meet you? They complement my skin and always say that they thought I was using a filter on the Internet. in all the Proesthetician videos I record, I don’t use filters and makeup, and I’m proud of that, because my skin is my calling card. I also want to note that this was not always the case, I still have a photo of my skin in bad light, and I am not ashamed of it. and it’s normal, acne is normal, you need to not give up and treat it. improve – what could be better? When with each application you see improvement, and if you don’t, that’s okay too. My skin did not become beautiful in one application, it took a long time. That’s why skin specialists exist to help you.

How would you describe your personal style and who are some of your favorite designers? My clothes are my inner state. if I’m not in the mood, I can go out in a tracksuit, and that’s fine. at work, a professional uniform, and I believe that this is correct, because convenience is important to me. I also have my own stylist who dresses me, she is also Ukrainian, her name is Ira, she is very talented. I don’t have favorite designers; I buy things if they are of good quality and suit me.

What is your next move with your business ventures? And what do you hope to achieve in 2024? Knowledge is the best investment. more new knowledge, technologies, courses, master classes, will be interesting. we work not for quantity, but for quality. We confidently go to the goals we set for ourselves. The goal is for our clients to receive not only quality procedures, but also to know a little more about their skin.

It’s amazing having you, for the young Ukrainian girls whose dream is to be where you are, what advice do you have for them? Do only what you like, and if your work does not bring you pleasure, then change it. Do not be afraid, go forward, set goals, because dreams remain dreams, and goals are real. You will succeed!!