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Simonetta Lein – WIBA media personality of the year winner and 12.5 M followers strong

Hi, happy Fashion Season, how are you doing? Doing great. 

How was your summer? What are some exciting things you did over the summer? I prepared tirelessly the 5th season of The Simonetta Lein Show and it is officially out!

Any new styles you discovered or tried over the summer? Pop of colors and tie-die have been huge for me this summer. Flip flops and messy buns for my daily routine as well I tried new hairstyles such as super long blonde straight hair and a silver bob. That is the hairstyle you will see in this cover story as well I am big on prints always. 

Now that fashion week are upon us, what are some of the designers you are excited about? I loved the Cara Loves Karl capsule collection honoring Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi. I am so happy to see shows back in full speed and many shows also were held outside which is a change for the industry as we are moving along and adapting new ways. 

What would you like to see as a new fashion trend? I rewatched recently Austin Powers and fell in love again with the class and the colors of the late ‘60. I would love to see the ‘60 and the ‘70 bell bottoms back soon.

How would you describe your personal style currently? Easy going eclectic. I became big into comfy things yet always cute. The pandemic taught us to re evaluate our family time and that reflects in my daily outfit. I am never afraid to go into my core mood though which is edgy and always try to do things differently.

You’re launching season 5 of your show, congratulations!! How do you feel about going into a new season? Yes! As mentioned it just launched and I cannot be more exited! The first episode with Mark Cuban got seen by over 16 M people. I want to thank everyone who became a regular fan of The Simonetta Lein Show for making my show become the #1 celebrity talk show on IG in the world! 

Who are some of the personalities you are most excited to chat with? I cannot let the cat out of the bag! You will have to tune in every Friday to find out. 

Will there be anything new or different coming to the show for this season? The start of the show should give you a glimpse about the vibes of this season, I want to inspire and give something that can teach and motivate through the glimpse of my celebrity friends who are always so generous in spilling their secrets and wisdom. 

Tell us about your time shooting the Cover image. NY, Times Square, late August. Beautiful to see people coming back to the city, people cheering and dancing, eating outside and walking. We go to the future with hope and strength.

What else do you have working on outside of your show? My non for profit The Wishwall Foundation is always my focus as well being an international business woman who runs everything you see personally. I have a great team but I always oversee everything and you have to if you want to continue to grow. This year in May I won the WIBA media personality of the year award at the Cannes Film Festival and gathered over 12.5 M followers. Looking forward to more. 

Top Model Simonetta Lein @simonettalein

Photographer  Ailin Stimson @ailinstimson

Production Manager Raphael Anthony Amabile / Ausonia Partners LLC

Clothes The Confessional Showroom NYC 


Hair & MUA Nicolette Dalesandro @bighoopenergybeauty

Hairpiece by @bellezabundles_ 

Photoshoot Assistant Shoshana Swell @shoshanaswell

Photographer’s Assistant & Creative Director 

Eduardo Holguín @eduardoholguinm