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The Amazing Lizan Dizaye

Lizan Dizaye born 14-03 is a kurdish dutch multitalented artist, shes a singer, songwriter, activist, Wfpusa ambassador, model & influencer, photograpger, agent, producer, and author on several magazines like medium disrupt, wordpress, wikidata.

Lizan is the first kurdish artist who is shared on over 60 legit american news & press magazines like fashionmagazinenyc, usweekly, famousbirthdays, thisis50, Medium Disrupt, Vents, USreporter, Gettyimages and Many more legit usa magazines plus other magazines all over the world, Lizan is the first kurdish model who is shared on vogue magazine, followed by ganapmagazine, thestyleresearcher magazine the buzzmagazine and many more she has collabed with many great major famous artist lizan is no stranger in the celebritybizz.

She got crowned miss highschool in holland enschede in year 2003 and got awarded for winning highschool popidol contest. Shes also awarded during skating, and badminton sport, Lizan writes her own song and records her vocals independent, she is an instagramstar, reached over 400k followers and fans, lizan released her first song called george floyd based on blacklives, it reached thousands of fans and streams and views on youtube spotify and instagram, soon justiceforgeorge page followed lizan on instagram, And soon after lizan released her second song “Hey my love” a love song for her fans it got viral on all platforms, followed by 9 other song releases “Quarantine” Song for those who lost theur loves ones during covid-19 and “Vibes” an edm rap house style ft rap icon Famefaiella it got successful on all platforms reached thousands of views and streams, soon after fans asked for more releases. Lizan has many more music releases and surprises on the way to entertain the world and her fans.