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Renata Musliumova – Taking over the Real Estate Landscape

Hi, Renata, it’s our pleasure having you as our cover model, can you tell us a little bit about your background? Where did you grow up? It’s such an honor to be a cover model, thank you for giving me this opportunity. I have been moving around the world most of my life. From a small village I was born in Kazakhstan, Russia, London and New York where I am currently residing. 

You made the move to London, what prompted that move? I have always chased opportunities and that seemed to be one of them 

What was the biggest change between living in Russia to London? Freedom of speech, I was amazed how friendly people in London, and everyone is so entrepreneurial!

After college you decided to pursue Real Estate, what was your motivation to go in that direction? Real estate was my passion since childhood, my mother was a real estate agent, and I was helping her from a young age. And tell us a little bit about your mentor and how he impacted you. I had a great mentor Roger Collings from Remax, London who has been in real estate for over 50 years. I feel grateful for all the mentorship, for help and time he has devoted to make others successful

If you could live in another city or country, which one would it be and why? New York. It has amazing fun fast paced energy; you have got to keep up! There is always someone stronger, faster, sharper. It keeps you on your toes!

What is your next move with your business ventures? Few magazine collaborations, but I keep it a secret.

It’s amazing having you, for girls who are living where you are from and want to make the moves you did to success, what advice to you have for them? Keep pushing and constantly improve yourself. Never fall into routine, complete with yourself every day. 

Photographer – Irena Eastington  @happy_in_style 

Styling – ISA @isa_creative 

Hair – ISA @isa_creative

Retoucher – Alexandra Kozhina @alex_kozhina

Make up artist – Diana Bacrau @beautybydiiana.london