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New television series “ON TEN” produced by mann robinson and torrei hart starts production

A new series titled “ON TEN” is getting ready for production in Atlanta, Georgia. The television series is being produced by well known Atlanta director/producer Mann Robinson, and actress/producer Torrei Hart. The series is filled with a star studded cast and has now added some familiar names to the cast such as legends Vivica Fox, Clifton Powell, talented newcomers Christina Cooper, Jayda Cheaves, and so many more!

The producer and director Mann Robinson is well known for many projects including his most recent Super Turnt, Fruits of The Heart, and Troubled Waters (which aired on BET her & BET Plus). Robinson has recently built a huge production studio for filming in Atlanta, Georgia which is groundbreaking for the independent film culture. With his level of expertise teamed up with talented producers such as Torrei Hart (who is also to star in the series), it’s a no brainer this series will be a huge success on screen. Mann Robinson has also released a new book titled “Independent Filmmaking”, now available on his website. He is inspiring many independent filmmakers to achieve the greatest goals no matter where you come from. He’s strived so high, he is now even able to bless his talented kids with a role in his projects. 

The “ON TEN” series is raw, and not to be compared to any other show out. Osaris Warlock, discovers at a young age that he has the ability to run a criminal empire. After enrolling himself into business school to hone in on his business mindset, he no longer has the desire to leave the hood, but instead turns the hood into a modern day black Wall Street. He enlists his longtime girlfriend, Ebony (played by Christina Cooper), as his right hand and starts to buy the block back. They both soon find out that you also have to be a killer to be effective. In other words, stay “ON TEN”. We’re excited to see the full star studded cast and season 1 premiere!