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Katerina Katz | Powerhouse business woman stepping in the Spiritual & Art Space

Katerina Katz is a passionate creator who found inspiration during the lockdown and embarked on a journey of crafting unique candles. Through her creations, she has witnessed the transformative power of meditation, with people attracting love, money, and fulfillment. Katerina’s dedication to spreading joy continues to manifest in her upcoming projects, such as starting a spiritual center and and art gallery in California, USA.

Katerina, you are a deep and versatile person, beautiful both externally and internally. You worked as a model in the USA, but always strived to follow the spiritual path, and 7 years ago you started moving in this direction. You are a lawyer and psychologist by training, as well as yoga teacher, sound therapist, nutritionist, trainer, and coach. You create harmonizing candles, and have your own team to help people. What events or circumstances in New York marked the beginning of your spiritual journey?

Thank you for a very interesting question. I have always been hanging out around rich, famous, and successful people, but most of the conversations usually revolved around money – what can you buy for the money and so on. Very materialistic, especially in NYC, the financial center of the USA. And I started to feel so empty inside, a certain discomfort that’s not physical, but lies deeper inside, and by that time I decided to move to California, Los Angeles, and as you might know, Cali is a very spiritual place, and that’s how my spiritual journey began. I got invited to different meditations, visited a few spiritual retreats here in California, and I started to feel like my heart and soul were blooming again. I continued my research by reading interesting books on the topic, studying astrology, numerology, sound healing, yoga etc. I did it mostly for myself, because the more I learned about it the better I started to feel and understand myself. I finally understood the connection between my soul, heart, and mind, and this is an unforgettable feeling, when you don’t need anyone’s company to feel better, you are just simply happy with yourself! And when I felt full of all my knowledge and experience, I started to help people around me. 

How do you articulate the core message of your lifestyle that you strive to convey to your followers? What aspects do you consider key to spiritual development?

I can articulate the core message of my lifestyle: if you feel that something is going wrong in your life, it means that something is genuinely amiss. You have to listen to your heart and your body and try to fix it. Don’t drown it out with alcohol or drugs, as many people tend to do. Instead, ask yourself what’s going on in your life and why you don’t feel happy anymore. If you can’t answer these questions for yourself, then you may need professional help, such as a life coach, spiritual guide, psychologist, astrologer, or a combination of these.

The more you immerse yourself in self-reflection, the more answers you’ll find about your current situation and your unhappiness. When you know your enemy by sight, you understand how to eliminate or defeat them. Often in life, we are our own enemies. In most cases, we block ourselves from the possibility of being happy, and all the answers on how to be happy are within us. We just need guides who will help us find these answers within ourselves.

There is no unique formula for happiness because happiness is within us, and only we can free it from the weight of our internal blocks, finding the balance of soul, mind, and body. My team and I help people with this; we serve as guides in the darkness of your own soul.

You have found your formula for happiness – it is a balance between soul, mind and heart. What methods and techniques help you and your clients experience it?

Everything starts from the body! The body is our temple, and our health is the most important thing in our lives. As my college therapist says, our body is much smarter than our brain because our body never lies about the food we eat and reacts truthfully to different situations and people. Number one, you should pay attention to your body; our brain can trick us, but our body never does!

First and foremost, you should find a healthy food plan for yourself, take tests to discover any lack of vitamins and microelements in your body. Nutritionists might help you with this. While nutrition isn’t my main specialty, I can definitely provide some tips and recommend a good specialist. Personally, I prefer having 60% of fruits and veggies on my plate, 30% of any protein, and, of course, healthy carbs. A few times a month, I allow myself a cheat meal because when you forbid yourself something, you only make it worse, and a breakdown occurs. That’s why it’s so important to allow yourself everything but in moderation.

The second important thing is engaging in any sport activities you enjoy for 5-7 days a week. Mine include running on the beach, practicing yoga (I prefer yin yoga with sound healing), Pilates, gym workouts, golf, and tennis.

Thirdly, always clear your mind from toxic information and people every other week. Try to replace it with useful communication and information, such as movies, videos, and books. Just as you clean your body of toxins, you have to do the same thing with your brain.

And of course, treat your soul to spiritual experiences like daily meditation, listening to mantras, burning spiritual candles for meditation and affirmations, and visiting spiritual places with beautiful nature and practices. If you search online, you might be surprised at how many places like these are around you; just make an effort and find them. Read spiritual literature; there are many tips and resources on how to nourish your soul. Travel to new, unusual places on our planet, explore new countries and cultures, constantly expanding your horizons and leaving your

What magical and unique places have you visited in your travels, and how have these places influenced you?

I can talk about this for hours!

Travel is my biggest passion, especially to mystical and spiritual places on our planet. When I met different shamans, they told me an interesting theory about the chakras of our planet: the root chakra is Mount Shasta in Northern California. So, if you want to attract material things into your life, build a family, or meet someone special, you should go to that place and meditate on it, visualizing it all. I have been there, and it’s one of my favorite places to visit for meditation.

The second chakra is Svadhishthana, the chakra of pleasure, located at Lake Titicaca on the border of Peru and Bolivia. If you want to open this chakra and experience all the pleasures life has to offer, it’s the best place to visit. I have been there, and I felt the energy of the place; it was fantastic.

The third chakra is Manipura, an energetic center located in the middle of Australia, specifically in the Olga and Kata Mountains. This center is responsible for social realization, and people come to this place to open this chakra. I haven’t been there yet, but it’s on my list.

The fourth chakra is Anāhata, located at Stonehenge in England. The heart chakra produces love and emotions of all kinds. If you are struggling with it, you should visit this magnificent place. I have been there and definitely will go back.

The fifth throat chakra is Vishuddha, and its center is in Egypt at the pyramids. This chakra is responsible for communication, speaking, and the ability to express your thoughts and feelings. If you have problems with it, you can visit this place and meditate there. I haven’t been there yet, but it’s on my list.

The sixth chakra, the third eye Ajna, has its energetic center located on Mount Fuji in Japan. This chakra is responsible for intuition and super abilities. I haven’t been there yet, but I am definitely planning to visit.

The last crown chakra is Sahasrara, and its energy center is located in Tibet, China. This chakra is responsible for the connection with the universe and higher power (god). I have been to China but not Tibet yet; it’s one of my biggest dreams to visit.

As shamans say, if you visit all these places, meditate there, and ask these energetic centers to open all your chakras, unbelievable things will start happening in your life. History tells us that powerful leaders on this planet visited these places to unlock their superpowers, and these places are well-known for magic rituals.

There are also meridians on our planet that are also energy centers, like India, Bali, Sedona, the Mayan pyramids in Mexico, and many others. Travel, for me, is a very important part of my life. I love learning about new places and cultures, and I always try to find unique and sacred information about any new places I visit. On my list are Antarctica, Africa, and Easter Island.

Tell us about your magical candles with natural herbs and oils. What are the most fantastic results people have had who use them along with daily meditation and affirmations?

I created these candles during the lockdown period. I was ordering different candles from Amazon, and I wasn’t satisfied; the smell was too strong or something else. So, I decided to create my own candles using natural essential oils, herbs, and gemstones. For each candle, I developed a unique mix of oils and herbs. For example, as we all know, lavender oil is for relaxation, bergamot, and citrus oils for attracting money, abundance, and energy, and sage and eucalyptus oils for removing negativity. I had all this information, and I created unique magic formulas for each candle.


I always receive good reviews about them; people who meditate with my candles report attracting love, money, and everything they desire. One of my clients’ friends ordered a love candle because she really wanted to meet someone special. She followed all the instructions on how to meditate with this particular candle, and in a few weeks, she met the one. As far as I know, they are still together. Before that, she had been single for almost two years.

She believed in the magic, visualized meeting someone special while meditating with the candle, and it happened. I was super happy for her because the happiness of others makes me even happier. I love being helpful.

You dream of creating a spiritual health center in California and opening a physical art gallery. Do you think this will come to fruition in 2024?

I wish it could be so fast, but it is a big project and I still need to do a lot of research about it, visit different spa clinics, spiritual centers around the world, collect the information, and work on my business plan. I hope, in a few years, I will be able to open it and help more people on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The gallery will be a part of this project.


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