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Getting to know Julia Karpus

Welcome to Ellements Magazine, you are a popular master of anti-cellulite and body sculpting massages. Tell us how you came to this? I always cared about my body and was interested in the beauty industry. One day I was looking for ways to reduce my cellulite and came across anti-cellulite body sculpting treatment. I went for a single session but ended up buying an entire package which consisted of 15 visits. The results were mind boggling and I decided to learn more about it. The more I learned the more it intrigued me… and the rest is history.

What is the most interesting and challenging thing about your profession? My clients, short and simple. Seeing each client’s improvement and watching their satisfaction grow with more visits; seeing them come back for more, again and again; seeing them recommend me to their friends; seeing them treat me like their friend because I care about their improvement and growing their self confidence. Each client is different so finding what works for each and every client challenges me in a positive way.

What massage services do you provide and what results can be achieved using these techniques? Honey massage with wood therapy, manual massage (by hand) with wooden rollers, G8 machine, hot vacuum, cupping, hot and cold wrap. A combination of these services improve blood circulation causing metabolism to work faster; the

skin tightens, cellulite gets reduced, and my clients lose inches off their legs, arms, waist, stomach..depending on what we focus on.

After how many procedures can a client already see a noticeable result? The truth is – it depends. It depends on each individual and their metabolism. Some may see the results after a single session, while others may need 3-4 sessions before noticing a difference. I am always up front about this to set proper expectations.

How many kilograms can you lose thanks to Body Sculpting? One of my clients lost 11kg (25 lbs) of body sculpting treatments and improved diet and exercise. Proper nutrition is very important to keep the skin tight and lose cellulite. You do not want to end up with loose skin and more cellulite just by losing weight. This is why I encourage my clients to treat their body as a whole system: drink plenty of water, eat right, exercise, and relax!

Tell us about your studio and team? My studio is set up to cover all services I provide, together with a built-in shower so the clients feel fresh after treatment and leave me feeling rejuvenated and energized! I work with my clients personally, along with my assistant who completed my full master class.

How can I sign up for a service with you? The best way to sign up is to message me on Instagram @julia.bodysculpting

How would you characterize your client’s type? My clients are primarily women but I also have male clients as well.

You also teach master classes for those who plan to take up this profession, tell us about your training? The master class takes place over three days. The first day is primarily theory, followed by two days of treatment practice on actual models that I provide. My training involves everything from how to perform the procedures to getting your

own business off the ground. Taking the course is the quickest way to get started as I share my secrets of proven techniques and approaches that work. At the end of the course, I provide a completion certificate.

Is it possible to achieve an ideal figure without training, but only through body modeling using massage? The body is a system, so you *need* a combination of body sculpting treatments, good nutrition and exercise. If you only lose weight without proper diet and

exercise you will end up with loose skin and more cellulite. The goal is to be beautiful and healthy, not just lose weight.

You are the owner of an impeccable figure, thereby motivating many girls. Tell us about the secrets of an ideal body, what procedures do you personally use? After having two kids I realized that to stay in shape you have to take care of yourself consistently. Consistency is key to looking great and feeling great! Personally, I use dry brush (that I also sell), hot cream, and my body sculpting treatments.

Tell us about the city you live in? What does Los Angeles mean to you? Women in Los Angeles love to take care of themselves. Beauty industry is big here, and both men and women care about their image. The weather here is amazing and there is a ton to do depending on your hobbies. You can go swimming in the ocean or skiing in the mountains on the same day.

What helps you recharge from work? Family, friends, and travel.

What do you dream about? I want to go on a trip around the world one day… This day will come sooner rather than later.

On New Year’s Eve it is customary to set goals for the next year. Tell us about your professional plans for 2024? I want more happy clients! I also want to expand my business to other cities and countries by holding more master classes around the United States, Canada and

Europe. At the same time, I want to improve my own skills and learn new techniques and procedures that I could offer my clients and pass along to other professionals in my master classes.