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HUDA FODE – Professional Makeup Artist With Over 700K followers on social media

It’s a pleasure having you as a cover model for the second time, how are you doing? It’s a pleasure to work with you again. I am doing very well thank you.

We’ve made it through the worst part of the pandemic, how did you handle it and how has your business weathered the storm? As you know my work as an influencer artist and founder of a beauty company is always online. Here in New Zealand we have been blessed by good pandemic management and lockdown was brief but effective. Through good planning, I got to advance my workload and then work closely with my team online. Also lots of family time with those who i love the most, so, we can say that I took the negative as a new door for more positive results.

What major changes if any have you made to your business? No changes to my business, but for me personally I have chosen to look for new challenges and an opportunity to expand my horizons so I now also work out of my business as a full time creative artistry for Farmers NZ Botany branch @yslbeauty counter manager which is part of Loreal NZ.

Why did you choose to work out of your studio? Being home based and putting all my time into my Social Media channels didn’t give me the satisfaction I was looking for. I want to be there for everyone and pass on my knowledge, tips and tricks for choosing and applying the right makeup to give the confidence to enable ladies to find their inner beauty without any hassle or frustration.

You’ve now taken on a new challenge, a new job, tell us about it. Being a creative artistry (beauty adviser) for a leading beauty brand, such as YVES SAINT LAURENT, has always been my dream and being able to reach a wider audience has given me so much happiness and satisfaction. The final look and the customer reactions I get after every makeover is my favorite part.

Why chose Farmers NZ (Botany)? Farmers Botany has been my go to place as a customer for the last 11 years since I moved to New Zealand from Canada as they have the best team delivering great customer service, so it was an easy decision. Initially I met with the Store Managers Nicky and Mo and later the whole management and administration department. I instantly knew that I would be treated with respect and honesty as they are all professional and approachable people who focus on the wellbeing of their employees. In a short time Farmer feels very much like home.

How will this new opportunity shape your career and your love for makeup? Having the opportunity to teach and advise clients in the selection of makeup and skincare products is what I am all about. Seeing results and connecting with people on a personal level is solving the puzzle of what I now realise was missing from me working at my Studio.

Do you like YSL and what are your favorite products from the brand? YSL is one of my favorite luxury brands. I don’t work with anyone if I don’t trust the products. My love for the brand has increased with my knowledge about how amazing the quality is. 

My favourite products are the follows; All Hours Primer / Or Rouge Lotion / Rouge Volupte Shine and last but not lease their new Lebre Intense perfume. 

With these new adventures, what’s next for you and your company? My company is still busy and my reliable team is very much appreciated. As always our goal is to keep growing our client base and supporting our ongoing clients. I still get to enjoy contributing to the content and in an advisory role usually working each evening and Sundays.

What’s on your must have list of beauty products for the everyday woman? For the everyday look i always recommend a combination of the following; Blur Primer, Powder foundation, Setting spray, blush/contour palette, eyebrow pencil and mascara finishing with a light fresh lipstick. It is a 5 to 10 minute daily routine that makes us always feel that we spend some time on ourselves.

What was the experience like working on these new images? I really enjoyed bonding again with my favorite people, remembering our first cover with you which was an amazing experience. Creating these looks made me realize how much I have grown ,thank you.

It’s great working with you again, before you go, share with us some of your must have products? My must haves are always a great quality blending brushes to get natural soft results, individual natural lashes along with a light eye pencil to open the eyes up and give a fresher look. Not to be forgotten, a daily skincare routine is a woman’s best friend for greater application results.