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Dynamic Duo

There is nothing like growing up and sitting at your mom’s feet while she reads you a good book. There is just something nostalgic about it as it creates key bonding moments that neither will ever forget. Brittany Anthony set out to create a movement to inspire brown girls like her daughter Leila Brown that they too can be princesses. This movement was created to instill a sense of value and morality that its safe to dream and imagine, no matter what your skin color looks like.

“I want my daughter to know that she can be anything that she wants to be. It’s OK to dream and it’s also OK to explore. Nothing, not even the color of your skin should be able to hold you back and stop you from reaching your goals. We created “Is There a Princess Like Me”, to show brown girls that they are all Princesses. They are all artists; they are the next Simone Biles or Lisa Lesile. I needed her to see the princess in her and understand that it is important that other brown girls see it too.” Brittany says.

In an exclusive interview with Anthony, we take a dive into what this journey of being an author means to her.

Why was it important to create this literary journey for your daughter?

Brittany: I really wanted to inspire my daughter that she can be whatever she wants to be. Kids are very visual and it’s so powerful for them to be able to see animated characters that look like them and that’s what I wanted for her. I also wanted her to have a hands-on approach and be involved in the process. From the storyline to the colors, Leila was able to give her own input.

What was it like to read and see the book for the first time?

Brittany: Reading with Leila for the first time with our book was something that will forever be with us both. Creating a mother-daughter book creates lasting memories and honestly, it was pure joy to see her face light up and to see her name on the cover. It has created a bond between us that can never be broken.

What is the message you want Moms and Daughters to take from the book?

Brittany: Our books have valuable life lessons, morals, and values, and touch on important social issues. We created these stories so that moms can impart their wisdom, values, and life experiences to their daughters. This book opens a valuable discussion about culture and the strength that little brown girls have. They can be whatever they want to be and we are embracing that power through a book in an engaging and relatable manner.”

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