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Mega Influencer Simonetta Lein awarded at the Golden Wings Magazine award in Dubai

The TV and Fame award of the year goes to Mega Influencer and top Hollywood Celebrity and Star @simonettalein at the @goldenwingsmagazine award at the @armanihoteldxb in Dubai.

Hi, how are you? Pleasure to have you gracing our cover yet another time. Great! And so glad to be back with you guys once again. 

How has the first half of the year been for you? Can you believe half of the year has gone already? I never stopped and worked very hard to finish series 5 of The Simonetta Lein Show with some of the biggest guests and prepping season 6. Plus traveling and planning. I basically never stopped. 

What are some of the goals you’ve achieved that you set at the beginning of the year? To continue and to never stop. That I have achieved. Also to stay focused on me no matter what happens outside. It is very hard at times, I watch the news very sporadically and I believe in the positivity of my mindset to attract positivity. I started the year saying to myself I am the actor of my own movie and I suggest everyone to get into that vision soon or the external reality will drawn you in. Positive vibes and positive people only.

You were awarded at the Golden Wings Awards in Dubai, please share with us the awards that you received. Oh wow, one of the most incredible experiences yet. I am now awarded the TV & Fame Personality of the year 2023. When I arrived I was enamored by the grandiose style and the kindness of welcoming me to the official Wall Of Fame of Dubai’s finest society. Everyone was so humble, and I met several billionaires. At every level of society I found a sense of pride and hustle, entrepreneurship that a business woman like me appreciates so much. I feel very blessed by the VIP treatment Dubai gave me but mostly by the kindness of people. I bring back to my beloved American dream one more goal achieved, and so much humility and kindness at heart to continue and never stop. I know how my work can impact the world globally, it is a dream come true. 

Who were some of the persons you met and photographed with on the red carpet? Solomon Merugu from Imagine More Production was my amazing photographer for the night together with Golden Wings Photographer Sumayra. I was photographed on the red carpet along with people like H.H. Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, H.E. Yaqoob Al Ali, Merita Marja (designer), Eva Zuk (blogger) 

The special awardees went to Berk Oktay “Actor of the Year”, Annabella Hilal “Woman of the Year” Mustafa Al Abdullaah “Arabic Singer of the Year”, Safa Siddiqui “Reality TV Star of the Year”, Balvinder Sahni (Abu Sabah) “Entrepreneur of the Year”, Simonetta Lein “TV & Fame Personality of the Year”, Lamis Kan “Singer of the Year”, Hamada Nashawaty “Song of the Year”, Ferhat Polat “Voice of the Year”, Sahaj Ticotin “Producer of the Year”, Mohannad Hutail “Arabic Actor of the Year”.

For the readers here in the US, tell us a little about the award and how huge it is. All the people that count in Dubai were there and many also internationally. The level of sponsors was impressive, from Domino’s pizza to Brother, Petra Aerospace, SLS Hotel, Mint & Needle by Brandi Gregge from USA and many more.

We were seated with Middle East star actor Mohammad Hutail and his brother Mohammed Hutail and Abu Sabah one of the Middle East richest entrepreneurs.

This is the premiere award event in Dubai. We were particularly surprised by the kind invitation Abu Sabah offered us to his incredible home, the most luxurious home of all of Dubai. You should have watched my stories and I will continue to post for details. Big things are coming! 

How was the overall experience at the event and your time in Dubai? I found women entrepreneurs of all kind, the vast majority of people there are from all over the world. It is a great melting pot and everyone is there to achieve a dream to better their life. The sea is spectacular as well as the beaches and the buildings are just grandiose. I did a great jet ski session with La Concierge Dubai that I will never forget. Also a huge shootout to CLC Limousine and my driver NABI for taking me around and showing me the best places, to Golden Wings and Persiana Dulo for giving me the award and bringing me to Dubai for my first time and to my entire team who made my stay unforgettable. My stay was at the SLS Hotel, so modern yet classy and my loft was a dream. 

We did an incredible photoshoot at SLS shot by Sumayra with super chic gowns by Charisma and mind-blowing flying dresses from Flying Dresses Couture. 

Also a big shoutout to Nathalie, my celebrity hairstylist and MUA who followed me for the entire trip @natchairmua

Tell us a little bit about your outfits, who are you wearing and what went into the big decision of choosing those outfits? I wore an incredible gown by Stada Boutique. I fell in love with the dress when I saw it in pictures and I had to have it. Georgiana Stavrositu is the designer and she personally altered it for me on the spot. I was so impressed. She had a fashion show during the award as well, and I loved how she is working alongside her husband. I do the same, as I could not do anything without my better half Raphael Amabile. He is the executive producer of The Simonetta Lein Show and oversees everything. He also gave me the good to go when he saw the gown, it is truly a princess dress. 

Who are some of the personalities that will be coming on your show for the 2nd half of the year? I cannot still say much but I can say it will open up soon and it is not a Catfish! The guests are incredible and I am so humble by their participation. Tune in on @simonettalein for season 6. We are now at 16.2 M and growing, thank you to all my fans. 

It’s a pleasure having you again, tell the readers about some of the exciting projects you have coming up. I will be back in Dubai soon with The Agenda and Golden Wings to be the judge for the Dubai Fashion and Jewelry Fashion Week. When I saw the fashion over there, the innovative designs and colors I had to be part of it. As well incredible partnerships are taking place as we speak so that series 6 of The Simonetta Lein Show will be even bigger and better. I am very proud being the originator of this format and the first to market with the world’s #1 IG based talked show. We crossed the 1 Billion views and I am looking forward to continue. I am so looking forward to tune in for a new cover story soon and share everything.