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Crown of Coils: Luxury hair care products for Natural Hair

Luxury hair products at affordable rates are a drawing point for natural hair care lovers worldwide. Dallas-based brand; Crown of Coils Beauty Bar is a go-to in the natural hair care industry. Influencers from Alonzo Arnold to Anthony Cuts have had the pleasure of being introduced to this amazing brand. Developed by Ledora Lee, she set out to create her line to be all-natural and growth-enhancing for women who rock their natural crowns. Safe for use on protective styles, Lee has been on a mission to encourage women of color to release their coils.

“I come from the era where relaxed hair was the thing. It was easy to maintain, you didn’t have to worry about hair textures,  shedding, and curl patterns or even the weather. Life seems so much easier with a relaxer. Natural hair girls have a lot on their plate but the main thing is embracing the natural you. I learned that in my own journey that even when I went to cut my own hair and start all over again to be happy wearing what God gave me.”

Lee who is a native of Memphis, TN, ensures that each of her products contains natural ingredients for the promotion of growing and maintaining healthy hair.  an educated video via her website to instruct stylists on how to use her products. Making education a number one priority, Lee takes great pride in creating content videos on social media for people to see her products in action, she says,

“People have to see the product in use and what better way for them to see that than to see how healthy and strong my own hair has become since the creation of my products. I use my products daily on myself and my children to showcase how good my product is and what the results look like after using my product. It’s so important for people to be able to see that what you say about your product is true and that the results are authentic. These days no one buys into only what you say but what they see so creating content is a must.”

The life of an entrepreneur is often met with obstacles and victories. For Lee, she explains her entrepreneurship journey as an amazing learning experience, 

“As an entrepreneur when you love what you do, it makes your journey that much more enjoyable. Owning a business where my daughters and sons are able to see me build from the ground up alone is worth it. they get to witness every aspect of what being a business owner looks like. from every tear to every smile to every loss and every gain, they have a front-row seat to my success story. My best victory is having the courage to get up every time I fall. It’s seeing the faces of customers when they’re introduced to my line and get to experience my products for themselves. Each time I meet a customer I get a satisfying feeling that I have somehow made a difference in their life and added a touch of confidence to them. I really love what I do and the lives that I get to touch.” 

Like any business owner, 2020 hit everyone hard. The worldwide pandemic forced some multi-million-dollar businesses to shut their doors but many small businesses like Lee’s kept pushing in spite of what things looked like. How was she able to keep going,

“2020 was disrespectful, to say the least. COVID-19 came through and just took over, nobody saw any of this coming. So many small businesses were forced to close their doors and online stores were forced to find ways to gain new customers and keep our current customers. It was truly something out of this world and unexpected. However, I was determined to not give up. Social media was a great source for us to get the word out, post information about sales and new products that are emerging, I had to stretch our creative visions to keep busy because it was easy to get distracted because of the uncertainty of everything going on around the world,” she said.

Lee wants every woman to take pride in the beauty of her natural textured hair. she wants to continue to encourage women of color to love and take care of their hair to get the best out of their hair, she says

“My goal is to keep pushing and continue creating. I am motivated to continue sharing and growing my business by being innovative. I want women of color to see the value in their hair and care for it from the inside out. Women have become invested in taking care of their hair so, our growth products are definitely essential for every woman to have I’m educating myself more on different herbs and techniques to create more products to keep growing.” 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crownofcoilsbeautybar/

By: Jazmyne Courtnii Byrd