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Valentyna Grygorieva, Marina Rodik, Oksana Maslova, Mariya Kemper-Reiss

On April 23, the “WOODFIELD HUNT CLUB (Boca Raton, Florida) hosted an exclusive and elegant charity event that combined the beauty of Ukrainian art and culture, with a beautiful setting and atmospehere.

The charity organization «Boca Helps Ukraine» held an incredible, upscale, and elegant charity evening aimed at helping children from the devastated Kherson region in Ukraine continue their education during power outages.

«Luxury Group International» organized and supported the foundation’s initiative to host this amazing event called «Light the Way».

The guests had the opportunity to enjoy a private performance from Ukrainian Prima Ballerina and the Principal Dancer of the Philadelphia Ballet, Oksana Maslova who performed «The Dying Swan». Visitors of the event took part in the Silent Auction, where prominent Ukrainian artists presented their works: Diana Dorozhkina, Natalia Lukasheva, Yuriy Demchenko, Oksana Tanasiv, Victoria Volynets, and Myroslav Duzinkevich.

The guests also immersed themselves in the art world at the Timeless Concept exhibition with impeccable designs by Brazilian artist Lane De Abreu, who presented numerous stunning wall art pieces from her latest collection. The guests’ attention was particularly drawn to the unique T-shirts donated to the charity by young art lovers, the Grygorieva’s sisters, Arina and Darina. 

Oksana Maslova

Among the most popular items at the event were personal belongings of the legendary Ukrainian footballer, a member of the Ukrainian national team who recently signed a contract with “Inter Miami” – Serhiy Kryvtsov, including same balls with his autograph, as well as pointe shoes and a skirt of the talented Prima Ballerina – Oksana Maslova, who kindly signed several pointe shoes and a rehearsal skirt. 

Yuriy Demchenko

Grygorieva’s sisters, Arina and Darina

To the sounds of the enchanting melody of the violin, the guests of the “Exclusive Evening Dedicated to Ukrainian Culture and Art” enjoyed a unique curated wine tasting provided by the luxurious «Gourmephile of Boca Raton» and were treated to delicious dishes from the «Luxury Group International Catering». 

The event was attended by:

  • Mariya Kemper-Reiss – Founder and a Board Member of Boca Helps Ukraine
  • Marina Rodik – Member of the Board of «Boca Helps Ukraine»
  • .Valentyna Grygorieva – CEO Luxury Group International
  • Lulis Camarena – President and Founder Imagina Children’s Foundation
  • Dr. Turkell – Founder and Director of Calusa Animal Hospital
  • Artist Yuriy Demchenko
  • Andrea Doyle – Director of Development at the Boca Raton Center for Arts and Innovation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kogan and Kogan
  • Dr. Cristina Hatara
  • Mr.&Mrs. Powers
  • Olena Mitroff
  • Brain Reiss – Founder and Chairman of Bridgeforce Data Solutions
  • Dr & Mrs George Botelho
  • Anastasia Adelson
  • Alina Ratiy, who represented Fashion TV and interviewed all the special guests and performers 

Marina Rodik, Mariya Kemper-Reiss

Marina Rodik

Valentina Grygorieva

Alina Ratii, Inna Kogan

Artist Yuriy Demchenko

Mariya Kemper-Reiss, Dr. Cristina Hatara, Valentyna Grygorieva

The event organizers are grateful to the amazing people from one of the most prestigious area of Boca Raton who supported a great cause in a beautiful and intimate atmosphere, with delicious food and drinks and with open hearts for Ukraine. 

Mr.&Mrs. Powers

The event successfully raised $8000, which will be donated to the Ukrainian partner organization “We, the People of Kherson” to purchase much-needed power banks and LED lights for children in Ukraine so that education can continue even in the darkest days of this horrific war. 

Valentyna Grygorieva, Mykola Grygoriev, Grygorieva’s sisters Arina and Darina

Oksana Maslova & Andrea Doyle, Director of Development at the Boca Raton Center for Arts and Innovation

Nick the Violinist

Oksana Maslova & Lulis Camarena, President and Founder Imagina Children’s Foundation

Marina Rodik, Oksana Maslova, Mariya Kemper-Reiss

Olena Mitroff and Family

Brian Reiss,Dr & Mrs George Botelho, Andrea Doyle

Mariya Kemper-Reiss & family

Dr. Cristina Hatara & Anastasia Adelson

Valentyna Grygorieva, Inna Kogan and Eugene Kogan

Anastasia Adelson, Mariya Kemper-Reiss, Dr. Cristina Hatara, Lulis Camarena

Olena Mitroff and Family

Grygoryev’s sisters Arina and Daryna

Dr. Turkell – Founder and Director of Calusa Animal Hospital, Mariya Kemper-Reiss