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Celebrating Olga Burtseva – A wonderful Business Woman, Mother & Role Model

Femininity, love, the purpose of a woman and a lot of other interesting topics worth thinking about, we discussed with Olga Burtseva, a beautiful woman, mother, loving and beloved.  It is always interesting to get answers to questions of interest from a woman who has long been an example in creating a family, running a business, raising children and being the keeper of the hearth.

What are the most important things a woman should always remember about herself in order not to lose heart? I always say that a woman is everything in this world: a creator, a creation, an inspiration, a source of new life. Feminine energy, literally, holds almost the entire energy space. Every woman should never forget about her destiny and her significance. The right female energy is an incredible value and a mechanism that can change and transform everything around.  As long as a woman feels filled with love and attention, she affects the success of a man and the complete harmony of the family. As they say, “happy wife – happy life”, and the life of the whole family goes in the right direction. A woman’s talent is the ability to take and give, which helps a man, having received energy, to gain resources for the family.

Olga, how do you fill yourself with energy every day?  What inspires you? I am a very versatile person and thanks to this, I have many ways to recharge, but over the past few years, the issue of saving energy, its quality, and the ability to pump it has become much more relevant.  It turned out to be very interesting because even 7-10 years ago I didn’t wonder so deeply about what to direct my energy to and how much of it I need. I discovered a very interesting fact for myself: there are moments in which you can renew your energy without wasting what you already have. It’s about harmony: there are people so “yours” that next to them you have a crazy exchange of positive energy, and this all despite the fact that in your feelings and relationships, there can be a continuous “cardiogram” (as I always said: “Healthy relationships require different dynamics”, relationships without dynamics are not normal).

Nevertheless, what inspires me the most is the opportunity to be feminine, to be a mother, a wife, and to be able to invest my energy in all that concerns my family, my household. For me, the priority is to maintain this integrity.

In the background, there’s the opportunity to grow in creativity, learn new things and apply them.  To be surprised, to meet new people, to practice interesting things here and now.

How to beat procrastination and start improving yourself every day? Remember what life teaches us: don’t plan to live, live!  Do not forget that there is no good or bad, but there is your perception of the situation and your attitude towards it.  Be filled with positive thoughts, turn any experience into wisdom, and any emotions into action.  Into action that leads you to your personal happiness.

 What does “happiness” mean for you now? I’ve noticed that, in the past, I never started anything without planning in advance, I was always too organized. And then I realized that it is not easy to think freely, look around, and feel.  Much has changed today.  I am getting to know myself anew.  I am in my maximum femininity and minimum “I will do this myself”.

Tell us what helps to maintain peace of mind in everyday life. I talked a lot about how much we mean to men, I just want to remind you that today I am learning to be lighter, more creative, and more “wrong”, because we should not forget about our personality and we should not push it into the framework of society, becoming of no interest to anyone. Full-fledged accomplished men dream of having a full-fledged, lively space filled with life, love, and diversity at home.  And in no case should you confuse this with a routine. The real purpose of a woman and her peace of mind is to be the creator of the hearth, and she often wants to prove to men that she is strong, on an equal footing with them (a businesswoman, sales leader), that she is self-sufficient and she does not need help, care, and support.  Thus, she pushes her man away, thereby humiliating him. A woman should flourish from her strength: the strength to be weak, luxurious, beautiful, and loved!

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