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Rockstarr Nia Amber

Miami has always been a hotspot for artists in music and for artists who want to break out and jumpstart their career. The 90’s music era is a pure testament to the level of artistry that rose out of Dade County, from Luke and the 69 boyz to Slip and Slide Records with Trick and Trina. One thing about a great artist is that they are able to recognize talent and other artists. Trina is one of the top female hip-hop artists in the world was able to see the talent in a young R&B artist, Nia amber,

 “To have someone like Trina, hear my voice and actually vouch for me has been a blessing. Being from Miami and having a Miami legend put me on stages nationwide has truly been what dreams are made of”, Nia says.

With a major label under her belt, Rockstarr Music group headed by the Queen of Miami, Trina, Nia has leverage on her ability to soar in the industry. So, who is Nia Amber, she says

“I consider myself to be a pop RnB artist. I can go up-tempo or I can give you a really slow groove ballad. more importantly, I want people to understand that not only can I sing but I also write my own material. I feel that that sets me apart because I’m able to sing about things that I have actually gone through or that I’m currently in.”

She continues,

“I have vocals. I can sing live, and I can sing acapella. so people will never have to worry about auto tune when it comes to my vocal ability. this is something that I have wanted all my life so to be able to live my dreams out loud and being braced by others in the industry is what I have always wanted. I also get to have my mom by my side walking me through every step which has also been a blessing because nobody cares like her.”

Amber recently released her brand new track called, “F’ed  up”, where she expresses how she felt about a previous relationship. She does not hold back her true feelings about the situation, she says,

“My latest single came from a situation that I had recently gotten out of. The relationship just took me through a whole rollercoaster ride, and I realized that he really had me F’ed up. so I had to put it in a song I had to release those emotions so that it would help me get through it. music for me is a form of therapy it’s a form of releasing from the writing to the recording to the final project. I want people to hear the track and know that they came from a real place.”

Being new in the entertainment industry can a lot of the times be met with a bit of nervousness and thankfully NIA has been mentored by an artist such as Trina who can give her the game. Staying grounded and knowing her worth helps keep her focused and in the studio,

“you know knowing your worth is everything, especially in this industry. People can often be negative when it comes to new people but having my family around me helps keep me grounded. I’m grateful that my material has been received well. I’m working on my EP and it’s filled with emotions and good vibes. People will just get who Nia Amber is when they listen to the songs. I want people to really experience the rawness of Nia Amber and enjoy my music.”

Check out her new single now streaming on all music platforms. To hear more music and follow Nia Amber head on over to Instagram @iamniaamber.

Written by: Jazmyne Courtnii Byrd