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Victoria Baeva – The Photographer you have to work with!

Greetings, welcome to the Ellements magazine. Tell us, please, how your career as a photographer started? I followed in the footsteps of my parent – he has been doing photography for many years. Mom and dad used to travel a lot, and dad’s hobby is to take photos of a beautiful nature. Little by little, he instilled in me an interest in this occupation. At first, I did reportage projects as a photographer, after some time I got bored and for the first time I tried myself in shooting a model friend in the nu genre. I really liked the result, so I completely changed the genre.

How would you describe your unique photography style? Always on the verge, a mix of sexuality and humor in a well-thought-out plot.

What kind of projects do you enjoy shooting the most?

When brands agree on bold ideas. For example, we once had a shooting session for a sports brand, in the cold. We hung sports equipment on a crane and the girls posed on them, it was a wow!

If we talk about trends in photography, name a few trends that are no longer popular and those worth paying attention to? The trend for strong retouching and filters is definitely losing its popularity. Natural appearance and authenticity are the modern trends.

If we talk about models, what archetypes you like the most? There is no certain archetype I prefer. If a girl is self-confident, loves herself and her body, this is the most important thing for me.

What are the main differences for you in the fashion industry when comparing the American and European markets? Europe is nature, naturalness and authenticity, the US is the advanced technologies and perfectionism. It’s not that one is better, it all depends on the audience.

What personalities or brands would you like to work with as a photographer? Female superheroes, like Jane Ives from Stranger Things, Gal Gadot from Wonder Woman movie or beloved Scarlett Johansson.

Will the camera on the smartphone ever replace the professional work of a photographer, what do you think? Given the fact that the world of today is becoming more and more digitized, such a hypothesis can happen to be.

Tell us about the most interesting and difficult part of your job? The most difficult thing is to avoid people being too shocked if the shooting takes place in public spaces, because each project is a kind of performance. Nevertheless, the preparation for that is by far the most interesting. Hence, most of the shooting takes place in the early morning hours.

What inspires you the most? I am inspired the most from spectators’ emotions when they are looking at finished photographs. It would seem that it’s hard to surprise a modern person with something in particular. Of course, reactions can vary and this is commonplace.

Which of your projects do you consider the best and why? I would single out several photo projects, but one of the last memorable works is called “Meet the Parents”. My friends and parents visited that. I thank them for their support!

What will you wish to those who strive to create such cool photo projects as you do, where should one start? Shoot for fun, what you really enjoy, not just for profit. Then the success is not long to wait.

What is the success of your profession for you? I felt my success, first of all, when people began to recognize my signature, which is certainly a pleasure. I had people send me photos posted on various platforms without reference to my authorship. 

In the second turn when my works were shared by celebrities in their social networks. And the third was when I was invited to participate in large projects. 

You are a achiever in the world of photography. Please, share your advice with those who would like to reach the same heights as you do? Develop visual experience. Find inspiration from your favorite photographers to create your own style.  Treat everything with love.