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OLY.B – Top Artist shows the most passionate sides of women’s beauty

Hi, Olya, welcome to Ellements. If we talk about your profession as artist, what is the most difficult and interesting thing in your work? Hello! Thank you for having me. I treat art more as a calling than profession. For me, the process of creating a picture is a meditation. I just take a brush and immerse myself in the process so deeply that I may not notice 10 hours pass by. I am a happy person because I have found myself quite early and now my main goal is to grow and perfect my skills in this direction.

How would you describe your particular style? My style was undergoing changes together with me. Previously, I used to apply all the colors of the palette and touch up the linesagain and again. Now I have come to minimalism. I chose 5 colors and combine them. I focus on the story. The only thing that has remained unchanged through all this time is the theme in my artworks. I truly love to portray women, because I think that they have some kind of exquisite beauty and energy that cannot be revealed in anything else.

Tell us about the process of creating your works, where do you like to paint? I have my studio in my house. I feel comfortable when everything is at hand. Here I can work any moment inspiration comes. Regardless of the time of day and other circumstances.

Who communicates most often as characters in your works? I guess I do. I was often asked about many paintings, whether this is a self-portrait, and I have always denied. But as the years went by, I came to the conclusion that this is true. The paintings of each artist are always a bit of a self-portrait, as they are an expression of a conscious mind of the creator. In addition, my favorite character in the paintings is a female. And who is the woman I know better than myself?

Where do you draw inspiration from? From life. I never paint because ‘it’s time’ or ‘I have to’. I only create a piece when I feel very deep emotions or have exceptionally bright feelings. And, by the way, I noticed that the best works are painted when I am in my depressed state. Therefore, I even sometimes like to have such mood swings in my daily life. For an ordinary person, this might be quite traumatic, but for an artist, this is more of a necessity. Each of my paintings reflects some specific event in my life. Every picture reveals a story. Perhaps that is why when audience view them, they illicit certain emotions. I convey my feelings through my artworks, and not just depict a beautiful scene.

What materials are more common in your work? I love using acrylic the most as it can be combined easily with so many other materials. I love texture works and I have my own techniques where I use gold foil gold mica flake for example. With oil, I could not use them, although I have several oil paintings of mine.

What do you dream about? Where would you like to present your work? I dream not just to become a rising artist, but also to bring some kind of breakthrough to the art sphere. That’s why I adoreexperiment. If I do some kind of exhibition, I usually organize alife-performance there. It fascinates visitors when watching the process of creating a picture in real time.

Very soon the world will also see another creative project, tell us about it? I have several projects. They all are intertwined with art. A couple of those are related to apparel and design. I also got into making music. But most of all, I am excited about mycollaborations with interesting musicians in various events. Music and art go side by side for me, complementing each other, so I decided to unite with talented people who carry through their work the same message that I convey in my paintings. The event that we would like to present is about enhancing the visual aspect with the musical performance of deep immersive music that triggers audience’s feelings to come out to the surface and leave them with the thought of their long-lost memories of situations and feelings left uncovered. We have already organized a couple of test events, but I want to take this to a more global level. We are planning to come up with something really cool soon. I will keep you updated on my social networks.

Our readers were pretty excited to have you onboard, what is the message that you would like to give them? My advice would be not to betray yourself and not to waste the most precious resource that cannot be replenished, which is time, for the sake of some material goods. Money comes and goes, but the feeling of who you are stays with you forever. You will be happy if every second you make the choice that is in harmony with the kind of person you would like to see yourself. Many people actually do things they don’t feel like doing or are ashamed of, simply because they want to look cool and rich in the eyes of others who, in turn, don’t care about anyone but themselves. Isn’t that stupid?

This amazing photoshoot was created by a popular American photographer/videographer and film director Igor Malakhov who does photoshoots/ video/ music videos for many celebrities, magazines and major brands, etc. His superb work has a unique style and shows beauty and inspiring people all over the world.

He commented about his main idea of photoshoot for Ellements: «I wanted to show readers how the creation of a talented artist takes place, and the emotional connection between the creator and his masterpiece», said Igor Malakhov.

Photographer: Igor Malakhov

Model: OlY.B

PR: Mariia Borovenska @mariborovenskaya