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Sabina Pirin – young model conquering the podiums of America

Sabina, you are a comprehensively developed and very talented girl, from childhood you have been engaged in rhythmic gymnastics and even karate. Tell me what brought you into the modeling field?
When I was 5 years old, I won my first gymnastics competition; I was much younger than all the participants, it interested the press and they wrote about me in the newspaper, after that I was invited to various photo shoots.
What do you prefer: taking part in photo shoots or walking on the runways?
I like both, although photo shoots happen much more often.
You started your childhood modeling career in Ukraine, in a country where you were born, later moved to England and then to America. In your opinion, what are the main differences in the model sphere of the European countries and the USA?
I would not say that there are big differences, but as it seemed to me in the European countries they give a little more advice and tips, and in America you are mostly on your own, they give you the opportunity to prove yourself and it is advisable to do it well from the very beginning, so time is precious here.
You are also a well known professional young cheerleader, received the title of National Champion of America, tell me how you got into this sport, how training is going on and if you would like to act in one of the Hollywood films dedicated to this beautiful sport?
When we moved to America, my mother could not find me a rhythmic gymnastics club; this sport is not popular here unlike normal gymnastics, so we tried to find something similar. That is how I got into cheerleading. From the first  practice I realized that this is something I could do well and really liked.
I became a flyer and got into a competitive team, which means a lot of traveling due to the competitions, which of course I really enjoy. But this is a very difficult sport that combines gymnastics, acrobatics and tumbling.
And yes, I wouldn’t mind acting in a film about cheerleading, and indeed I wouldn’t mind acting in films in general, I have already acted in two films and I liked it very much.
How do you manage to combine studying at school, considering . that you are 1-2 years younger than your classmates, playing sports, learning languages with a modeling career?
It is indeed difficult, but possible. I study at a very good school, one of the best, I owe a lot to this school therefore it will always be in first place for me.
You have taken part in a lot of different modeling projects. Which of them did you like most of all and why?
I love all the projects in which I participated, because it is always a good opportunity to try new and different images.
The same as projects dedicated to sports (and they have increased a lot since I was chosen to collaborate with one popular sport brand) I like various fashion projects, in which I have the opportunity to wear beautiful evening dresses and different stylish things.
Which are your favorite images?
I like absolutely all the images, I feel great both in the evening dress and in oversized clothes.
I just like the process itself and it doesn’t matter what you need to wear, because it all depends on how you can present it.
After all, when you are in a beautiful luxurious dress, you accordingly appear doing smooth movements, your back straightens and your chin rises.
Wearing a hoodie for example, the behavior changes to a completely different way.
The main thing is to get used to the image. Doing this is always fun and interesting.
Do you have any designers that you like the most and in whose shows you would like to perform?
I would certainly like to perform for the world famous brands like Dior, Dolce Gabbana, Fendi, Chanel, Hermès Louis Vuitton and etc.  Looking forward to being invited (wink, wink).
Looking at your photos leaves the impression that you are a stylish girl, even in your everyday life. Tell me how you choose your outfits.
I often here this, but I don’t even know how it turns out. My mother always dresses very stylishly and beautifully, I probably got it from her.
But I really like beautiful clothes, I like to think over the top with my outfits, to understand what can be combined with and what not, in general I adore looking beautiful, I’m definitely a girl-girl but sometimes I even wear oversized hoodies (but of course they are very stylish!)
Since childhood, you have been participating as a model in various photo shoots, projects both in Europe and in America, and  travel around the world. What do you consider to be a city of fashion and why?
In my opinion they are  New York + Paris, France and Milan, Italy.
Most of my photo shoots and various projects take place in New York and I like absolutely everything that happens there. It seems like if you have taken a breath of fresh air, this is a perfect place to just gain some energy.
Your mom is the  main model producer in your life; tell us how it is to work in a family tandem.
Mom is very strict but I understand that this is right. Of course she deals with all the questions. We have an assistant who helps us conduct social networks, but all concerns about photo shoots, projects are solved only by my mom.
Tell us about your plans for the future. What else to expect from a little talented model?
I am very exited to be invited to join Fashion Week in New York in February 2020. This is such an amazing opportunity for me as a model. I am so honored to be able to participate in this lovely event.
In addition to modeling, I also sing. I have already recorded my four songs, three video clips have been shot, and recently my third song with a video clip came out.
I also in the future would like to act and be on Disney Channel. I love watching Disney shows and movies and hope one day I will be apart of them.
Photographers: Danielle Thurman Trina, Kimberly Carrier
Stylist: Tina Richi
Visagiste: Liana Almid
Instagram: @sabina_fairyland
PR: @mariborovenskaya