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Suzanna Lano – Mrs. Greece Globe 2019

Suzanna Lano represents Greece at Mrs. Globe International Beauty Contest in China.

Leading European designer Suzanna Lano was invited to represent Greece at the prestigious international beauty contest. The choice of Greece is not surprising, since it is there, on the shores of the Gulf of Corinth, Suzanna often spends time with her family, inspired and charged with energy, and therefore Greece became her second homeland.

“I am now often asked about why the contest, why am I taking part in this one? As a little girl, of course, I dreamed of a similar experience, but rather, in a narrower sense, when only appearance is evaluated.. I could not even imagine that, as an adult, I would represent Greece at Mrs Globe 2019 (@mrsglobe). But it is this amazing country that occupies the best part of my life and work. I am grateful both to fate and people who gave me such an opportunity –  Katerina Fomina, Irina Keller, Dr.Tracy Kemble. This event is not just a beauty contest, although the appearance is also evaluated – but the opportunity to talk about my favorite business, about that new approach to design, to life, about how to create a dream house, to settle happiness and harmony in it. This is where I can tell and show how one can be useful, help, make someone’s life better…

Thanks to Dr.Tracy Kemble (@drtracykemble) and everyone involved in Mrs. Globe! Together we embody the best in us, which we sometimes don’t even think about! ”


Preparation for the event is very relaxing, and which is more important creative. A truly stellar team gathered: the Greek celebrity stylist Dennis Kolpodinos, who dresses such divas of world show business as Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. The eminent director Alexis Konstantinidis and the famous Greek singer and producer Andreas Pavlou are also in the team. (@andreasinternational @apg_production)

In addition, the designer considers it important not to be silent about the charity that she is engaged in, but rather to encourage others to take an active part in this matter. Not to be silent, but to talk about it as often as possible.

An example of this is a recent visit to one of the oldest houses in Greece, “Kentro Athenon” – it’s so simple to give these lonely people love, positive emotions, and with the help of this contest to call on all who are not indifferent to such manifestations of kindness and care!

That is why Mrs. Globe is important to her, as a professional in any business for which she undertakes. As a philanthropist she is striving to do as many good deeds for the world as it possible. And, of course, as a beautiful woman whose beauty was honored with such a flattering invitation.

The competition will be held November 29 to December 8.

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