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EVENT FOR WOMEN goes international and conquers new countries!

Valentina Grigorieva

  • General Director of “Luxury Group International»
  • Luxury Group Ukraine
  • President of international women’s cultural and educational club – “Event for women
  • Editor-in-Chief and Owner of Luxury Concept Magazine
  • The owner of distribution companies and the exclusive representative of the Nescens brand in Poland and Ukraine.
  • Founder of the international club Luxury Concept Club.

  __The main tasks and objectives of the club “Event for Women” are: promotion of companies, presentation of art, charity, personal acquaintance with the founders of companies, international networking, exchange of professional experience, educational achievements from international speakers, as well as presentation of international brands, their history of development plans in the future.

My team has held 10 successful EFW events in Ukraine, more than 30 outstanding speakers of international level have performed on our stage, we have presented businesses and brands at the international level, and most importantly: we have transferred hundreds of thousands of hryvnias for charitable assistance to various charitable foundations.

EFW has become my image project, which has created a full cycle of consecutive events in the industry for women. We became the founders of a new direction, which combines a lot of useful things for the development of business and women, my goal is to create such clubs in different countries of the world, make women around the world more successful, happy and generate goodness and help to those who need it__

Our prestigious private club for successful and influential women, EVENT FOR WOMEN INTERNATIONAL has recently opened its doors to guests in sunny MIAMI!

Each meeting is unique, and each event is special! “Event for Women” attracts beautiful, successful, and influential women as participants, leading international experts as speakers, as well as exclusive brands as partners.

On March 28th, “EVENT FOR WOMEN INTERNATIONAL,” our cultural and educational club meeting for successful and influential women took place over succulent lunch and with a gorgeous view in the restaurant of the year, KLAW MIAMI.

Enthralled by mesmerizing violin tunes, the guests networked over a glass of exquisite champagne from HATT ET SÖNER, voted third best champagne house in Europe. Lovely ladies were also treated to a sampling of black and red caviar from the events partner and the world’s leading caviar supplier, EMPERO.

Inna Kogan, Valentyna Grygorieva

Traditionally, Event for Women is not only about culture and education. An integral part of the private clubs mission is support for charitable projects. At this eagerly anticipated brunch, MARIYA KEMPER, the founder of the BOCA HELPS UKRAINE FUND, spoke about the main tasks and goals of this charity, as well as why it is so important not to stand aside but to help people of Ukraine and those affected by the war. After her emotional and heartwarming presentation, guests were invited to select from a thoughtfully curated art collection, while proceeds of all sales were donated to the fund.

Laetitia Laurent, Mariya Kemper, Andrea Rich

Laine de Abreu

Diana Dorozhkina

Lots for the silent art auction benefiting people in dire need in the war-torn Ukraine were generously donated by:

LAINE DE ABREU, a renown artist and designer; DIANA DOROZHKINA, an artist, designer, and television anchorwoman; as well as a professional artist YURIY DEMCHENKO. Young talented sisters, 9 and 12 years of age, ARINA AND DARINA GRIGORIEVA presented their new collection of T-shirts to the guests.

The highlight of the day was a magical show-presentation of luxury jewelry from “WISH FINE JEWELRY.” Attendees were presented with unique jewelry accompanied by the subtle sound of the violin and adorned with exquisite floral arrangements. Clouds of smoke that floated above the jewelry wrapped them from all sides, lending luxury to the high-quality precious stones and metals.

Maria Emilia Lage, Michelle Moreira, Leine de Abreu, Valentyna Grygorieva

An incredible surprise from the event’s organizers elicited excitement among the gorgeous guests. A raffle was held with valuable gifts presented to the many lucky winners. Fortunate few won free hotel stays at luxurious European resorts “The Chedi Andermatt” and “The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz“. A unique bottle of vintage champagne from HATT et SÖNERwent to another lucky guest. “EMPERO” raffled off a generous can of black caviar. Another fortunate woman received a stunning designer outfit from “COLLAGE FASHION”. Gift certificates for beauty services and procedures were gifted by“MYVY BEAUTY LAB” and “HAIR FOR YOU” salon.

The grand prize, eagerly awaited by all the women in the room, turned out to be a valuable neckless set with precious stones from WISH FINE JEWELRY”.

Event for Women International full-heartedly thanked invigorating speakers, who shared their expertise and passion:

Maria Widmark

MARIA WIDMARK, the owner and event manager of the champagne house HATT et SÖNER in the USA, shared with the guests the history of the creation of HATT et SÖNER house. She emphasized that HATT et SÖNER is proud to be one of the youngest and smallest boutique champagne houses in Europe, but in a short time, they have become respected in the region, both for quality and innovative style. It is an impressive achievement for a small manufacturer.

Laetitia Laurent, Andrea Rich, Emmelle Segal, Valeria Rosenbloom

LAETITIA LAURENT, the director and founder of Laure Nell Interiors plunged the guests into the world of interior design, describing the peculiarities of creating carefully designed spaces through which customers can feel inspired and invigorated. Using European principles of form and proportion as her guide, she leads Laure Nell’s creative direction and remains involved throughout the project cycle to make all important design and budgetary decisions, ensuring that all parts and team members come together to create a beautiful and cohesive final product.

Maria Emilia Lage, Christy Maltman

Michelle Moreira, Maria Emilia Lage,Yuliia Faist, Valentyna Grygorieva

MARIA EMILIA LAGE & MICHELLE MOREIRA, two co-founders of Wish Fine Jewelry, shared the ins and outs of creating fine jewelry when value and quality go beyond appearance. They said that according to their vision, jewelry made of precious stones and metals should evoke feelings, it should inspire and, above all, create strong memories to be passed on to future generations.

Fashion TV, an international television channel, about current trends in the fashion and beauty industry, travel, technology, and lifestyle, covered the event.

The organizer of this fantastic event is “Luxury Group International“.

LUXURY GROUP INTERNATIONAL is a group of companies for the organization and provision of exclusive global luxury events. By becoming a partner of LUXURY GROUP, you contribute to the productive promotion of your business. The company cooperates only with the world’s premium brands and unites the best representatives and business experts in various fields.

The EVENT FOR WOMEN INTERNATIONAL was organized at the highest level imaginable! The guests were treated a feast of emotions and genuine joy.

Gennadiy Rosin, Evelyn Aimis

Charles C. Tyrrell, Thalyta Frauches

The organizers would like to express their gratitude to the partners who supported this unforgettable event “Event for Women International”:


The hunt for the world’s finest flavors takes courage. Klaw Restaurant is a luxury seafood restaurant known for its King Crab claws and high-quality meats from Nebraska.

  1. Your luxury hotel in Switzerland – THE CHEDI ANDERMATT.

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  1. HATT et SÖNER Champagne House.

The world’s most exclusive champagne experience.

HATT et SÖNER, founded in 2012, is proud to be one of Champagne’s youngest and smallest houses. In just a short amount of time, they became respected in the region for our quality and innovative style. That’s no easy feat for a small producer to achieve in less than 10 years.


TIMELESS CONCEPT a luxury lifestyle magazine about art, design, travel, and much more.

  1. Luxury jewelry brand «WISH FINE JEWELRY» – fine jewelry heritage.

They believe every woman should be able to express her unique style and Wish Fine Jewelry is the perfect way to do that. WISH FINE JEWELRY offers a wide range of classic and modern styles. The pieces are made from the highest quality gemstones and metals. Whether you’re looking for a striking piece of jewelry or a casual accessory, WISH FINE JEWELRY has something you’ll love.


LAURE NELL INTERIORS is an award-winning boutique interior design firm in East Boca Raton, Florida. They are an international Interior Design firm and provide design services for New Construction-Renovation-Full Furnishings.


EMPERO is a family owned and operated gourmet business based in Brooklyn; they praise themselves on excellence and attention to every client. As a leading purveyor of the world’s best caviar, Empero consciously supplies you with caviar from ethical sources. Empero’s reputation for superior quality is reinforced by the proof of their manufacturers, who guarantee that Empero sells only the highest quality products made from all-natural ingredients.


COLLAGE FASHION, whose founder is talented designer Elizabeth Svirsky.


BOCA HELPS UKRAINE, a charitable foundation, whose mission is to help Ukraine’s people with necessary humanitarian aid. The goal is to reach people in the areas that have been difficult to access due to the war.


MYVY BEAUTY LAB, a medical spa that specializes in effective treatment using unique techniques from all over the world and who is passionate about natural beauty and health. They offer a wide range of treatments tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. Their treatments are based on the latest research and technology, and they use only the highest-quality products and equipment. The key to achieving natural beauty and health is to treat the body as a whole rather than just focusing on individual parts.

  1. DIANA DOROZHKINA, a talented fashion designer and artist.

LUXURY CONCEPT MAGAZINE, an exclusive international publication from ‘Luxury Group International’ dedicated to luxury lifestyle that covers useful and valuable information from various fields of business, real estate, travel, culture, and style. The magazine collaborates with luxury brands to create advertising targeting their network of high-net-worth individuals, luxury property owners, and key opinion leaders. It is designed to promote premium businesses in Europe and the United States. LUXURY CONCEPT MAGAZINE is the perfect partner for lifestyle, design, and luxury brands.

Yulia Krylova

Media partners:

– Luxury Concept glossy publication;

– Fashion TV channel.

Valentyna Grygorieva, Patricia Cruzan

Valentyna Grygorieva, Rachel Kogan, Inna Kogan

Valentyna Grygorieva, Inna Kogan, Anna Gurvich

Larysa Kosenko


Maria Widmark

Tanya Ahlborg

Thalyta Frauches

Yana Worthman, Maria Widmark

Valentyna Grygoieva, Inna Kogan, Natalia Pitel-Morgunova

Valentyna Grygorieva, Katherine Chekhter, Inna Kogan

Yulia Krylova, Gennadiy Rosin

Thalyta Frauches

Inna Kogan, Katia Stern

Anita Gabbay-Frishman,Valentyna Grygorieva,Valeria Rosenbloom