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Danielle Edmond – Goddess Season

Danielle ‘Danz’ Edmond, Founder, and creative director of the “hyper” popular global brands, Stay Golden Cosmetics and uQueen Organics is the epitome of “beauty and brains”. This Founder and Creative Director takes a dynamic approach to empower women, ALL women, through her self-care and beauty brands.  

Affectionately called ,”Danz” by those in the know, she expresses how she glows up with uQueen Organics, which was curated to make women feel like goddesses.  “There’s a goddess in each of us”. uQUEEN, as a part of your daily beauty and self-care regiment may unlock your inner goddess. She states uQueen’s uniqueness as being organic skin-care, made luxurious because of how captivating it’s aroma is and how smooth it leaves the skin. 

Danz shares that practicing self-care daily is the reason behind her glow up. The former runway model, now entrepreneur describes herself as being dynamically creative as she reflected on her growth in the beauty and e-commerce space.  She expresses just how humbling it has been for her to be featured on the Forbes Next 1000 list.  As Danz would describe, “it was a life changing moment for me!  The “mojo” derived from that kind of recognition, drove me to push my business to a level I’d only dreamed of. 

She talks about the launch of Danz Media and Danz Events; marketing and events solution for collaborative partnering with emerging brands. “With a background in production, and event curation, I’ve strived to align with small businesses who want to optimize their marketing efforts, elevate their digital presence, and bring their products and services to the next level.” 

One lesson she’s learned;  is that discipline, when aligned with a desire for self improvement leads one down the path of self discovery, which, in turn leads to success.

Creative Director: danielle edmond

photographer: destinee condison stylist: neko kelly mua: pat adolphus

hair: puddon plus sweet cinematographer: rheikhann ceras