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Polly Cannabis: The Most Crowned Beauty Queen

How are you doing? Great having you as our cover model. Thank you a lot, my biggest pleasure to be invited for the interview and being put in the cover in your magazine.

What got you started in Modeling? I started modelling many years ago, and it was a way for me to enter show business. I learnt a lot of interesting things and got a great experience during fashion weeks and brands photoshoots. But also I understood it’s not enough for me to be just a model, I wanna more, and I started to work for it.

What are some of the major cities you have worked in as a model? I worked in Milan and Bangkok, Moscow Fahsion week, Milan Fashion Week, Dubai etc

Which projects so far would you say are your top 3? I’m a current reigning queen of Lady Universe and Miss Top Model Universe, so that projects are the most important for me now, as well as my Instagram and my TV show. Also I was invited to be a part of Fashion Factor – emerging designer competition, that’s help them to find a road to leading fashion weeks.

You are also big into pageants how did you get started in that as well? First time it happened by chance, but after became more conscious. I liked the first experience and wanted to go on, trying again and again to improve my performance. After a while it turned into passion, and I didn’t want to stop. 

What are some of the pageants or competitions you have entered in? I’m a finalist of Miss Earth, Miss Grand, Miss Intercontinental, Miss Top Model Universe, Lady Universe and others. I joined 24 international finals and ended up with 37 awards.

You have won a lot of titles what is the total now? And what titles you currently hold? I’m holding a record of the the biggest amount of titles won in beauty pageantry.  24 finals and 37 awards.

What would you say is your secret for your level of success in competitions? Always learn, improve and never give up. Compete with yourself first. Be better untes than you were yesterday.

What are some of your goals in pageants? What else would you like to achieve? The sky is the limit. I have a lot of ideas to go on, but I wanna make a surprise and tell after it’s done.

How would you describe your personal style? My style is the reflection of my personality through clothes, colours and shapes. I would say it can be diffident due to my mood but there is still some line that is going with every or looks all the time so it can be recognisable.

What are some of your favorite designers to wear? I would say that it’s depends on the items. For bags I like Hermes, D&G and LV. For shoes I prefer Valentino and Manolo Blahnic. For clothes I have Balmain, Zuhair Murad, Gucci and other brands. Collections changes form season to season, so I also like to chance my wardrobe depends on the style.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years and what projects are you currently working on? 5 years is a long term, but there is nothing impossible. I have a majority of plans to go on, starting from developing what I’m currently working on and coming also to my private life. 


Model – Polli Cannabis @polli_cannabis
Top – Katysheva @katysheva_studio
Jacket – Nissa @nissa_official
Earrings – Oz Fashion @ozfashionagency
Fashion stylist – Olga Romanenkova @creation_13
Photographer- Yana Safronova @by_yasafronova
Make up – Galina Nikolaeva @lina_style