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Mariam Tillyaeva | musician & global citizen

Mariam is a young ethical designer, singer and student. She’s an advocate of water scarcity and ocean cleanups as her goal is to increase awareness & engage others to  incentivize substantial change in our waste management. As an avid surfer, with her friends, she has created  a recyclable and ethically sourced brand of watches named JOAGO. A slice of the funds made from JOAGO will be put forward in funding a cleaning system for our oceans. JOAGO is working towards establishing a non-profit organization that will be based in Indonesia and will focus on ocean waste collection & management. 

Mariam considers herself as a global citizen as she has lived for long periods of time in numerous countries. She fluently speaks four languages (Russian, French, English and Italian) and would like to spend her free time travelling and discovering new cultures, new languages and meeting new and exciting people. She’s currently studying international affairs and sociology, two majors that will be helpful in the travels she will pursue further in life. Currently she’s based in LA and enjoys her daily adventures in the world of music. She’s now working on her first EP and is excited for its release. Her time in Los Angeles has by chance led her to have a minor role in an indie drama alongside Sir Anthony Hopkins and Madeline Brewer. 

She looks forward to her next adventures and is excited to see what other tasks and hobbies she can take on. She looks on the bright side of things taking the most out of life! She believes that the more positive are a person’s thoughts, the higher is their vibration, the easier it is for them to achieve their set goals and thinks that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life. In turn, her favorite books are by Vadim Zeland, Rhonda Byrne and the magical story of the Alchemist Paul Coelho.