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Julia Shefer

Interview with successful blogger and fashion influencer

Julia Shefer (Instagram @julia.shefer) is a famous fashion blogger and influencer who is in the Top 50 of the most successful and talented Instagram bloggers from the CIS countries. Due to the quality and individual content, as well as the number of subscribers, Julia Shefer receives offers of cooperation from well-known world brands, as well as PR companies and advertising agencies around the world. She is extremely demanded among celebrities who want to see her as the main character of their music videos. In the interview for Ellements she tells us about the secrets of success, advises how to interest the audience and to get beguiling contracts; moreover, she shares with us her plans for the future.

Julia, you are a very popular fashion blogger in the CIS countries. It is known that you even starred as the main character in the music video of popular singer Valeria as an invited famous person along with world famous French actor Samy Naceri. How did you get to that level? What do you consider to be the start of your career?

My blog is relatively young. I posted my first photo there in February 2016. Having done that on Instagram, from the very first day I saw great opportunities both for the development of creative potential, and in terms of building a career and creating a personal brand. I started to develop myself in all areas that should be improved in order to succeed in this field. Promotion, marketing, photography, copywriting, fashion and beauty were among them. I also began to travel a lot and started to fill my content with colors and variety. Step by step, the popularity and number of subscribers grew, and more and more offers of cooperation were received. After moving to America, my demand has increased several times.

What do you think is the secret of your success in attracting an audience?

Subscribers appreciate sincerity and honesty in me, I do not have a mask or image, and I am myself, both in life and in my blog on Instagram. And I try to interact with the audience to the maximum, to answer questions and react to the comments.

Now you have moved to the USA, tell us about the features of this market in comparison with the CIS countries, was it difficult to ‘war down’ American advertisers?

I have been living in the United States for a whole year. If we talk about the fashion industry and social media, there are significant differences between America and the CIS, ranging from fees, and ending with the requirement for bloggers. The US honorariums are much higher.

What is the way for a beginner to increase his honorarium? And how did this happen in your case?

The thing here is primarily in the correct self-presenting. A blogger should have a taste, albeit a bright but elegant style. The person who knows how to express his thoughts will always be more in demand in the fashion industry and will certainly have great prospects if compare to those who gain popularity due to scandals and hype, while having a vulgar style. Having a good taste and dignity is the main path to success.

The main guarantee of the attractiveness of any blogger is for sure its unique content. What makes your profile special?

My subscribers often write me that my content improves every month. And this is absolutely true, because my work is my passion. Although I am not a photographer, but first and foremost a blogger, photography is my favorite hobby. I periodically take individual lessons from photographers, achieve mastery in photo processing, and even want to go to study for a month course at NYFA, a course in photography.

What tips can you give to newbies?

If you want your blog to grow and gain popularity, you need to constantly improve all aspects that are necessary for the success of your blog. You have to collect information, go to all sorts of trainings and courses. You should always work on quality photos and a variety of your content. You have to find what will be your twist. You must be different and stand out among the rest. Being kind and open is also important, on-site Instagram snobs and arrogant personalities are not listed. Be active and persistent, and make sure of giving your attention and love to your subscribers in the form of a backlash.

You have already achieved a lot, has your popularity changed you?

I think, yes, it did. I became much more ambitious and self-confident. However, at the same time I’m still as simple and open in communication as I was before.

Ellements is, first of all, a very popular fashion publication that promotes collaborations in the advertising field. Tell us about the projects you might be interested in. 

I am interested in collaborations in the fashion industry with American and international brands and companies.

Tell us about the creative plans for the future? Perhaps you have an idea to translate your blog into a complete book?

I would love to release a training book in English and Russian for beginner fashion bloggers in future. In the book, I would like to share my experience in social networking (in particular on Instagram), especially regarding creating a personal brand. I would also tell how to do self-presenting in this business and how to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with brands and companies.

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