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Inside the Ice Castle with an Ice Queen

When life gives you glaciers, don’t melt them – Merry…

My magical photoshoot underneath one of the largest glaciers in the world (and 15,000 years old!) began with a flight from Los Angeles to Vancouver to shoot with No Limits helicopters and Four Seasons Hotels and what an incredible experience it was!
With a team of 5 including international photographer Audrey Benyessaad & videographer Jesse McKinnon we began our journey in the Airbus AS350 helicopter. We soared through Whistler’s back country and over frozen rivers & glaciers. I was told by our guide Jimmy, you could easily spot moose, grizzly bears, wolverines & other wildlife. I’m okay with seeing these magnificent creatures; although, from a distance, a great distance.
The ride to the ice cave was spectacular, the mountain ranges were covered with blankets of snow. I’ve traveled to Alaska and Colorado but I’ve never seen breathtaking snow like this. Our pilot Marco, landed at the entrance of the 15,000 year old cave which was more like a castle. It’s amazing what secrets Mother Nature has in store. The ice cave is not accessible by car, just helicopter or snowmobile and you must have an experienced tour guide to take you.
Stepping out of the helicopter into velvety soft powder, you will experience ungroomed snow up to your face. Our team was well equipped with snow shoes & warm coats, thanks to our shoot coordinator Ranya Dube. As I made my way inside the cave, I was immediately mesmerized by the whimsical shades of blue ice formations & chandelier like ice crystals. The cave’s ceiling is covered with icicles from top to bottom and there’s a river that runs through the cave which gives it almost a calming effect. It felt like a scene out of a movie. I was so lucky, this was my set for the day! Getting ready for my shoot in the cave was a skill in itself because every shot and angle was timed, not to mention it was cold.
I changed into my Jessica Angel gown and we began capturing magic. Every second of this photoshoot felt enchanting. @nolimitsheli safely guided us through the dreamy photoshoot in the ice cave. There’s so many adventures British Columbia has to offer, even in the summer. This was an experience I’ll never forget in Canada’s frozen wonderland.

@ellementsmagazine @nolimitsheli @fsvancouver
Photographer: @audreybenyessaad
Production: @ranya_dube @jimmy_ladoor
Videographer: @douglasfur
Dress: @Jessicaangelcollection
Mua: Mai-Lee Pearase @h_ollyweird @ctilburymakeup