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Garcelle Beauvais

By Francesca Andre

PowerHouse Garcelle Beauvais on her career, new TV role and her Academy Award winning film “Lalo’s House”

A bright-eyed, young Garcelle Beauvais left her hometown of St. Marc, Haiti with a dream to travel the world and become a flight attendant. As it turned out, fate had other plans in store for her.Throughout her storied career, she has become a fashion icon, a beauty queen (named one of 50 most beautiful people by People’s magazine), a successful actress with an ever-growing resume starring in projects such as The Jamie Foxx Show and NYPD Blue, in addition to being a proud cultural ambassador for Haiti.

Garcelle has sustained a career in film and television that has lasted over 20 years, and her new role as Susan Bishop in the mermaid thriller drama, Siren, is just one of the many exciting projects that she is working on. Admittedly, her biggest and most rewarding role is being a mother to her three children.

The Siren actress has recently launched her production company, “Beauvais Wilson Productions” with her partner Lisa L. Wilson. Their mission is to tell stories that matter and have a real-world impact, such as her recent project, “Lalo’s House”, an oscar winning film which tackles child trafficking. Lalo’s House has not only won several awards, but most importantly, is bringing awareness to a very urgent, global issue.

Now, at this point in her storied career, Garcelle’s objective is to change the narrative and amplify the voices of the underrepresented, one story at a time, whether it is through acting, directing or producing.


Tell us a little bit more about your character in the mermaid thriller drama, Siren. I play Susan Bishop, Maddie’s mother, who’s been fighting her substance abuse issues for years. She disappears from time to time and this is the longest she’s been gone. Now Susan’s back. She’s trying to fix herself and her relationships, especially with her family

There have been more conversations about the challenges women experience in the industry. How do you deal with rejections, the lack of opportunities and lesser pay as a woman of color? This is a loaded question!Rejections are part of the industry. Everyone has been rejected at some point in their career, but now I feel like the industry is changing for women. We are producing, directing, writing and are showrunners.

When it comes to equal pay, we have to fight for what we deserve. If we all stick together, things will change in that respect. I also feel that the men have to stand up for us as well and say that women deserve the same pay as they do – that would make an impact! The doors are wide open for us, now more than ever.

What is your favorite movie to watch? Your favorite movie that you’ve been involved in (acting or producing), and why? I have so many movies that I love! Steel Magnolias is one of them and Black Panther is a new favorite.

One of my favorite movies that I’ve acted in would be Flight because I got to act opposite to one of the best, Denzel Washington!

Producing my movie, Lalo‘s house, has also been an incredible experience. Not only because I got to executive produce and star in it, but this movie has inspired a conversation and brought awareness to sex trafficking. We’ve won many awards, so I call it “Our little movie that could”. We were able to use art to bring awareness to a very serious issue.

What inspired you to become a producer?How has acting helped you become a more efficient producer and/or vice versa? I decided to become a producer because I really wanted to shape the narrative of projects that I wanted to see. My producing partner, Lisa L. Wilson, and I feel like we can make a difference with our projects and entertain people at the same time.

As an actress, I show up on set and everything is already taken care of. As a producer, I am involved in every step of the project. I really enjoy that and find it challenging.

Who are some of your role models, in acting and in life? One of my biggest role models was my mom, who was beautiful, strong and brave. Oprah, Michelle Obama, Ava Duvernay and Reese Witherspoon are some of the women that I look up to.

Interview by Francesca Andre

Photography by : Francesca Andre

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