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Elléments Interview – Huda Fode

It’s a pleasure speaking with you, tell us a little about where you are from. Nice speaking to you too lovely. I am Huda Fode Founder and C.E.O of Huda Makeup Studio Ltd. Jordanian/Canadian Formal Model based in New Zealand and Australia. 

Beauty & Makeup, what got you started in this field? I have met so many young girls and women who had no confidence in the way they looked. I felt I have to do something with colours and art to enhance their inner beauty as a way of believing everyone is beautiful just the way they are. The more makeup looks I created the more amazing emotional reactions I get from each and everyone. That special feeling is what drives me to continue doing what I do for the past 22 years. 

What is the most amazing thing about being a makeup artist and teacher? My goal is to empower everyone I work with to know the actual fact they are more than good enough. Being a makeup artist and an educator I achieve this goal in so many different ways on a daily bases and that is the most rewarding thing ever. 

What would you say are some of the challenges you face in this field? Negative comments. Sadly when you are open to the public eye you allow  people to put their negative approach in to your life and effect the positive purpose of starting something beautiful. I have finally learned , the hard way, that there is no space for negativities in the beauty world. 

Living in New Zealand, what would you say is the difference between the industry there as against the United States? Most of my family live in the United States and I came from Canada so both countries are very big. New Zealand on the other hand is a small country with a huge hearted people. I decided to live in New Zealand to bring my daughter up with a safe family environment not to mention the organic healthy beautiful nature. When it comes to beauty and Makeup New Zealand has grown very big in the last 3 years. They now have Sephora and Mecca who carry very much every brand out there. I’m always back and forth to the USA. Canada and Australia where most of my followers are from so being in New Zealand not effecting me the way it was when first I moved here. 

How would you sum up your experience of 2020 as the year it was? And what’s your goals for 2021? 2020 was a challenging experience for everyone. However. I felt we all needed to reset out routine, spend more family times and priorities important plans. For myself and my husband we got to do this in 2020 even though we still felt the pressure and the anxiety about what comes next. In 2021 we have many late goals to catchup on. One of them is collaborating with an amazing brand to do my own products. I can’t wait to announce it hopefully soon. 

What are some of your favourite beauty products to work with? Dior skin care is my go to products. When it comes to foundation, Dior forever is my holy grail. Concealer, Tart cosmetics Shape Tape. Setting powder ,Hourglass cosmetics is a smooth and long wearing setting powder. Cheeks palette that has everything Two Faced Natural pallet. For eyebrows I need long wear brow gel so I use benefit cosmetics KABROW number 5. Number one eyeshadows for me are the Natasha Denona pallets and currently I’m obsessed with ( Love ) palette. Lipsticks, Mac cosmetics and my favourite is ( Focus ) and for lipgloss my favourites are by Fenty Beauty Bomb in the shade FUSSY. For lashes always Modelrocklashes 100 natural lashes and my go to are #204. But in my opinion the most important tools for makeup artist or makeup lovers is the brushes and my favourite brushes are by Sigma Beauty.

Just a quick rundown, what is your morning and night beauty regimen like? I give myself 10 min each morning and night. I use cleanser. Toner and day or night moisturiser along with eye cream. In the morning I do a very soft makeup of powder foundation, cheek palette, eyebrows, Mascara, Natural lashes and lipgloss and that me ready for the whole day. 

What’s the ‘Huda” way of achieving and keeping a clean clear skin? Being clean from the inside out is extremely important. I have my daily morning green juice for myself and the whole family. Plenty of water is essential for soft glowing skin and to reduce wrinkles and , of course , I always follow this with my morning and night skin care. I use vegan or natural ingredient to make sure my skin receives the right products and gets benefits from this. 

What’s on your must have list of beauty products for the everyday woman? Setting spray. Powder foundation. Mascara. Blush and lipgloss. 

What was your experience like shooting for the cover of Elléments Magazine? Me and the team are very excited to do such a wonderful collaboration with an amazing talented magazine such as Ellements. The team and our models had so much fun, laughter and excitement to see the final results of our work. My team were very appreciative of Ellements team cooperation and are prepared to respond  to all questions regarding the collaboration. 

What are some advice you would like to give for makeup artists who are trying to find their way in the beauty industry? Do not look back and keep going. practise makes perfect. Find the artist within. 

Great having you as our January beauty cover. Anyone you want to give a quick shout out to? Thanks for having me. Modelrock – @modelrocklashes are 100 human hair lashes, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics brand. I love what they stand for. Loving and helping artists all over the world to achieve their goals. It is never about money but always about beauty from the inside out.

Peter Philips – @peterphilipsmakeup Creative and image director of Christian Dior. I have been inspired by his creative art for many years. He brings the actual makeup fact to the industry

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hudafodemakeup/