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Elléments Exclusive with Simonetta Lein

Great having you as our cover model, how are you doing? Very well, glad to be here and writing you from Miami Beach as we speak

Just so that our readers get a little background about you, where are you from and how did you get started in Modeling? I am and Italian American girl living in Philly, the city of brotherly love. I started very young at 16 and I lived in Milan Italy for many years.

What are 3 fun facts about you that your fans wouldn’t know? I was born in the northern part of Italy, I am a former horse jumping show athlete competing in some of the biggest competitions in Europe, I speak English, Italian and Spanish.

To jump right to it, I hope you have been keeping safe, how have you been handling the COVID-19 Pandemic? I kept on pushing and was able to establish The Simonetta Lein Show during 2020 when I would have never expected it. I did not get discouraged and I have learned quickly to take even more advantage of my social media position. Nowadays Instagram is considered media in all senses of the word, and that allowed me to meet the biggest celebrities and make my dreams come true as a TV host.

Did you discover anything new about yourself? Or picked up any new hobbies during the lockdown? I knew I was a resilient person but I didn’t know to what extent. I discovered so much strength and patience as well, with more determination than ever. My Yay and Nay are even more determined now. 

Has the pandemic changed your mindset or attitude towards modeling? I just had to reinvent the way I was doing things, create a new team, find new ways. I remember the first photoshoot I took in 2020 it had a feeling of such a victory!

In what way would you say it has negatively affected your career? Also, if any positive benefits, how has it positively affected your career? It has been positive for me, as I was able to pivot and expand even more my social media career as a digital entrepreneur. Who was in that space saw opportunities. It has been hard as everything became more difficult. I invested in a TV studio as all of a sudden I couldn’t go to Times Square to record my TV show anymore.. It was a big risk and it paid off. As said prior, I kept on pushing and I still do, every day grateful for what life brings me and for what I am able to conquer.

I know we are still in the pandemic, but how do you think this situation will shape the future of the modeling industry? Everything has changed but fashion is resilient. Many events were held out in the open or in creative ways online. On the one hand I think this is making fashion more accessible to everyone. Designers can open their shows to all of their fans via social media. and not only to the industry experts. And models have to jump on the social media opportunity to model and monetize with brands. It is a true possibility for a model to make a nice living. Always remember how creating your own brand is fundamental in 2021.

How would you describe your personal style? Edgy and classy.

What are some of your favorite designers to wear? I love Gucci, Pucci and DVF for their patterns and fabrics. And Alexander Mc Queen. I also love Julien McDonald and Balmain. 

What are some of your best projects that you’ve been a part of? I have modeled for Richie Rich at Madison Square Garden and opened the show for Stevie Boi at NYFW. Moreover The Simonetta Lein Show makes me proud every day and I get so surprised every time a huge A list celebrity gets booked on to be interviewed by me. It still seems surreal but it is happening and it is the proof that daring many times pays off.

The cover shoot for this issue is amazing, how was the experience shooting the cover? I love to use clothes that I personally go crazy for. Every single piece I fell in love with. A true dream.

You have been doing some work I’ve seen, what projects are you currently working on and what do you have coming up? I am working full speed on The Simonetta Lein Show 3rd season and we will approach the 4th soon. I still cannot believe it!

Any advice to models on how to approach the future post COVID-19? As said, understand you are and can be the brand. Use social media, invest in yourself and create a team around you that you can use to produce professional material. Think what you can offer first, with your unique style, with your quality of work. Don’t be scared in daring.

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