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Rebecca McAllister – model, author of mental health blog

Rebecca, you are a successful model in Britain, tell me what fashion projects were you engaged in lately?  OMG!! I actually cannot wait to show everyone our latest campaign!! We’re headlining it in my home town, in the Manchester City Centre it’s going to be epic, but for now it’s a secret!! [ Laughs ]

In addition to your modeling career, you are the author of the popular mental health blog, how did you come to its creation?  Oh gosh, I started it when I was younger I’d write to myself at night to try express my feelings as I never really had anyone to talk too, I found as I grew up more people related to my story and as I grew it grew with me, I think we have just under 100,000 people who follow. I’m truly blessed.

Rebecca, usually models create their fashion blogs, and you have a theme that is not standard for the modeling business, why did you choose this theme for coverage?  It’s important for me. I keep my identity you know, I think as a role model in today’s society. I show people the real person behind the screen and flashing lights.

Tell me what interesting and useful can be found in your blog? It’s my story, it’s who I am – I show the readers that we are all equal. It’s an important message to portray.

How would you describe your readers, and for whom can it be important?  My blog is aimed at everyone: both male & female – it’s lifestyle, it’s love it’s independently powerful. It’s a place where no one judges you and I think that’s important for people of different age.

Do you think there are many among the models who have problems with mental health, and why? Most definitely, I mean, I came into the industry to prove to myself that I was enough… for real there are others like me.

Rebecca, have you tried yourself as a mental health lecturer? I have just actually passed some recent studies to become a lecturer across the world which I look forward to working on through my webpage. I’m always being asked to join conventions. It’s a great passion of mine; I’d love to be more proactive.

What are the main causes of mental health problems? Everyone’s different you know, some from childhood, some people gain them through experience. I think it’s important that people know that it is ok not to be ok regardless of situations there’s help out there for everyone.

Tell me about your rules, how to maintain mental health?  Me? I take every day as it comes – I have some bad, some good. Each morning I wake up thankful for what’s before me. Everything is a blessing.

What photo projects do you plan to implement in the near future?   We’re actually teaming up with the capital team back in the UK next month; I’m looking forward to that. That’s always a fun bunch to be around.

Would you like to take part as a model in fashion week, for which designer?Hmmmm… my favourite designer would have to be Moschino. I’m in love with their brand at the moment.

What is your global plan for this year? I think this year I’m focusing on my book which should be out for you guys end of the year, it’s all about my story and how my mental health effects my life and how I manage being a mom and stuff. It’s really quite amazing. I can’t wait to share it with you.

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