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Roxana Timbus

Roxana Timbus I am Romanian.I started my modeling career at an early age and left the country after finishing high school. I’m currently living in Dubai where most of my work is.

How did you discover/fell in love with painting? The moment I realize I had a gift and absolute love for painting was in my early grades. I started to surprise myself and everyone else.

Who are some of your favorite artists? Which artist has influenced you the most? My favorite painter is Vincent Van Gogh. He is one of the most influential figures in the history of art. He’s story is quite fascinating.

You have an amazing modeling career in Europe and Dubai, how did you get into it and whats the most fulfilling thing about being a model? I started modeling in Romania then immediately after high school I moved to Milan and started to work with a few Italian Brands. Currently I am in Dubai experiencing the fashion world in Middle East .The most fulfilling thing is getting to do what you love.

Who are your favourite models today and why? I have many models who I admire and look up to one of them is Alexandra Micu.Very humble and dedicated I was very threatened to see her in most important shows this season.

Beauty and fitness is very important to women today, how do you keep fit and glowing at the same time? My number one beauty tip is to get enough sleep. I like to go to bed early so I average about eight hours a night. I wish I did more fitness I just keep it light with a lot of jogging and yoga which is good for your balance and mind.

Dubai is a very beautiful place, one of my favourites; please share some of the gems and secrets about Dubai that you think we all should know. Unquestionable Dubai is my favorite city. You will witness here several the most impressive buildings you will ever see. Beside the breathtaking views, you will experience a unique welcoming place.

What is the most exciting project you have worked on so far? Thats a very hard question. Every new project excites me. At the moment I am very happy about my experience here looking forward for all my upcoming projects in Middle East one of them is Pantene Arabia.

Who are some of your favourite fashion designers? Anthony Vacarelo the creative director of Yves Saint Laurent is my favorite designer. Riccardo Tisci, David Koma, Amina Muaddi a very talented shoe designer and the list could go on and on.

Please share 3 interesting facts about yourself that you would want us all to know. Let’s start with something very funny. I love water sports but I don’t swim. For some reason I am not a good swimmer but I enjoy doing water sports very much. I am having a professional make up a few times a week during my photoshoots but I don’t know nothing about it . I can’t manage to make myself a proper makeup. Let’s end with a positive one I am a good listener I like to listen more then speak.

With all the travelling and working, how do you keep a healthy balance in your life? In my opinion moderation is the key to everything. I try to keep healthy habits in my life as much as is can. Lately I am paying more attention to health always trying to educate myself on eating and living a healthy life.

You are entering fashion school very soon, what are you most excited about and what direction you would like to see your fashion career take after school? I am planning entering fashion school in a few months. I’ve always been fascinated about the fashion industry and happy to finally get a proper education. I look forward to this experience and I am convinced it will take me on the right path for my future in fashion.

How was the experience shooting for the cover of Elléments and what does this mean to you? It was an amazing to have the privilege to work with a team of professionals and very fun people at the same time.

How can our fans and readers keep up with you? I’m active one my social media platforms. Facebook and instagram @roxanatimbus