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Mimi Owusu-Addo – Model Feature

January 21, 2018|2332 Views |0 Comments
Mimi Owusu-Addo – Model Feature

I am a freelance model from the New Jersey/New York area. To be clearer, I was originally born in Newark, New Jersey. I attend Winston-Salem State University as a sophomore, located in North Carolina. I’m also a twin and my twin sister name is Sisi, in which she is my rock. Outside of modeling, I am such a tomboy lol. When it comes to fashion, I live for it. I collect sneakers for a living as well. They must be exclusives.

How did you get started in modeling?
My story is deranged actually. During June 2016, I was a senior in high school and I went all out for my prom. I had a big African entrance and my dress was beyond gorgeous. It screamed royalty. Unexpectedly, I made it on  the Instagram popular page known as, theshaderoom. After that, my Direct Messages went crazy. I had Photographer’s trying to shoot with me for advertisement due to my beauty. This moment was very overwhelming because I never considered modeling. When it came to my confidence, I didn’t have much. I’ve faced insecurities half of my life but to see numerous of people enlightened by my rich dark skin, was very flattering. I later decided to link with a photographer for a shoot. After it went successful, i started to take modeling serious. i became linked with great opportunities and gigs.

What has been some of your most exciting projects so far?
My most exciting project so far has been my recent shoot taken place outside in SoHo, New York during the cold! It was such a challenge shooting in 15 degrees and below weather! I shot with the wonderful photographer Saul.(known as @saulwavy) The shoot turned out to be awesome though! You cannot tell I was freezing!

What would be the perfect model opportunity/job for you?
Doing a commercial Shoot for big companies. I’ve always wanted to shoot for Urban Outfitters, H&M and Nike. Also becoming a face model for Rihanna’s brand, “Fenty Beauty.” & other great cosmetic lines. I would love to be a great face representative for a dope brand.

What has been the 3 most challenging things for you being a model?
I never faced any challenges but what I can say is, I do tend to overthink a lot, with the fact I won’t go far due to my height. I am only 5’2 so i do commercial print modeling but sometimes it seems like runway models will prosper more. I know God has a plan though. My hustle and grind won’t stop.

How do you think models of color have impacted the fashion industry last year?
Models of colors has shown the world that we are MAGIC. Our skin is pure and rich. In today’s society, models of color are now taking over big time billboards. That is black girl magic right there, honey.

Do you have any limitations? Would you model any kind of clothing at all?
I have no limitations, what so offer. I love trying new things. I look at it as helping me grow more as a person. I definitely would model for any kind of clothing.

Who are some of your inspirations and why?
My inspiration is the beautiful, Duckie Thot. She is obviously a beauty but her ambition in the modeling industry, makes her stand out the most. She is also filled with confidence in her skin! I love that. She represents us, dark skin women. I hope to be as great as her.

How valuable do you think Elléments Magazine is in helping models get discovered?
Elléments Magazine brings great values with models to be discovered. This magazine is one of the best-selling in New York and around the world. Numerous of agents seek models in this magazine. Overall, this shows that it will bring great advantage to models.

 If there was one Designer you would love to walk for, who would it be? There’s many!
Mmm, I would have to choose Olivier Rousteing. He is the designer and creative director of Balmain. I love his work!

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