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In the midst of a global beauty revolution you’ll find this face. Just millimetres beneath her effortless zen, lies a volcano of female power. For this innately gentle soul, a moment of fate at 17, sparked a journey which took her around the world and paved the way to her true destination … her best self! ‘

Now whilst her intent is simply to show up and be present; today Kate Bell lives on the front line of women who are getting up every morning, going to work and not only changing the face of fashion and beauty forever, but impacting the very way women perceive themselves and all of life’s possibilities .. in short she’s making history. 

Q: How would you describe yourself? Tell me about you. I can describe myself as a woman who wants to live her best life on her own terms. I’ve always desired fiercely to make my own decisions and find my own meaning to life. This is why yoga and related philosophies found their way to me early and why modelling and travelling around the world appealed. Other than a teenage waitressing job I have only known modelling as a way of making a living my whole working life. Teaching yoga came later, now both businesses run side-by-side smoothly. I take my loving partnership, my family, my friends and my community seriously. I engage and I show up. I love finding the evermore subtle art of living well.

Q: When did you start modelling? I did my first modelling job at 17, spotted by a local photographer we did a poster for a horse show. The posters were everywhere around where I lived in rural Sydney. They said ‘Join Kate at the such-and-such show’; I presented the winning trophies like I was a celebrity, it was all really weird, I just went along with it. I moved to New York at 18 and then Paris, then constantly moving around the world for the next 17 years.

Q: In your 32 year modelling career has the industry changed? I think the industry has grown and diversified; Now days a model is a brand and there are many more advertising avenues. The level of professionalism and creative talent is major now that fashion and advertising are billion dollar businesses. I love that through yoga I’ve developed as a person and because of this, am able to stay current in a constantly growing industry.

To speak in modern terms,  #longevity #nevergiveup #persistencepays

Plus, the exciting facts are out : Worlds Largest Target Market is women 50+

I LOVE that agism is out and my tween nieces will grow up in a world where they aren’t going to  freak out at 30 because there’s a line on their face and that must mean they’re old and used-by.

Q: Have you changed? Yes I have changed a lot mentally, physically and emotionally. I used to be horrified at how carelessly people treated each other. I think this made me super wary. I was very quiet and just watched what was going on and because often I didn’t like how people were acting and what they were saying, I would be passive aggressive. The modelling industry can be careless in its treatment of young women. That’s why I enjoy working so much now. I realise it’s not about me, and when people are rude or mean it’s about them! I feel more alive, more aware, engaged and happier than I ever have.

Q: What supported your longevity in the industry? My longevity in a face-value industry is all about me living well. Being only a year off 50, I can move freely, have loads of energy and I am more engaged with the world, because of yoga. I also believe that feeling loved brings about feelings of being beautiful. You have to believe in yourself for others to believe in you. My parents have lived a healthy life and have been married for 55 years. They have always been there for me. I have an incredible bond with my loving man, he’s constantly telling me I’m so hot 🙂

Q: What are your dreams? My dreams related to earning a living : I dream of a world where everyone does yoga and shops at farmers markets. Where I go to a casting and there are just women – no ages attached. I dream of a world where my nieces feel beautiful and loved all the time. I dream of being a wise woman sitting in lotus then choosing to exit this world!

Q: What are you passionate about? I feel strongly about wellbeing / living well. Self empowerment through self development. I am passionate about freedom and being our unique selves.

Q: If you could impart one word of wisdom to the next gen coming up now, what would if be?Engage, be present, talk to strangers. Do your best at everything you do, be professional even if you’re just starting something. Stick at it, don’t be a whinger, that’s poverty of the mind and leads to a broken spirit. Be a hero it helps others to feel stronger.

anything I’ve learned helps you, use it. If my ways resonate with you, join me on my journey


Q: “ No matter how I lost myself, I was still here with myself” was something you told me when we initially spoke, in what ways did you feel lost throughout the years? What did these times teach you? I think we lose ourselves when we give away our personal power. I often felt put upon as young woman, by men and women.

I lost something of myself in a hedonistic lifestyle that I had to regain through healthy living. Always the lesson is get back to love, self-love.

Q: What are the most important things in your life? What things are most valuable to you? Sharing my life journey with my gorgeous man, loving him with an ever more open heart. Mindfully caring for my parents as they move into the last phase of their lives, being there for my nieces, nephews, dear friends and generally communing in an evermore deeper way with life coming at me. Striving to protect my physical self from stuff that harms. If I had to save things that matter most to me from a fire, I’d grab my keyboard, some pieces of art, a couple of my dearest books.

Q: What wonderful things did a career in modelling bring into your life? Through modelling I have travelled and lived extensively around the world. It has been the platform to kickstart my self-analyse. I have been forced to witness myself and and grow as a person to become my own best friend that I am today.

Q: They say women become invisible after 40, what do you say about that clique? The ageist culture is still lurking, it’s a mix of weird white patriarchy and misogyny. Fashion and advertising are only a reflection of how we treat ourselves and each other. I’m in a positive place and I only see the rapid changes as our planetary culture matures, I love how everything is becoming more transparent, we are starting to see things clearly ‘this is racism, that is a human rights issue, this is bullying, that is just a power play’. We’re an ageing population and we gotta quickly get cool for our kids to take us seriously!

Q: Speaking of cliques, let’s end of that note; One clique often throw around is that beautiful people have easier lives, would you like to comment of that? I can only comment on my own life. I am grateful for my blessed life of privilege, any white Australian must feel the same way. I lean towards a Buddhist approach to life and they say life is suffering. If you can take that on you see life as one big school. Learning about yourself and from mistakes, then journeying towards radical self forgiveness, on the way waking up to the realisation of how we all, and it all, fits together – a microcosm within the microcosm.

We all have stuff to learn, we all go through the same head trip, rich, poor, black, white, etc; on our way back to love.

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      Beautiful Kate!

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